Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Bleeding Arm Liberal

Been sleeping well, not waking up for pit stops at 3-4 am, but waking up an hour before the alarm instead. And then going back to sleep after a token pit stop.

Roused myself a little early today because the first stop was Kaiser lab, $30 for a blood test. CBC (COMPLETE BLOOD COUNT) results came in this afternoon, everything in the normal range except as usual platelet count is toward the upper limit. CREATININE AND CALCULATED GLOMERULAR FILTRATION RATE came in as I was writing this, Creatinine was a little over the limit, it usually is, filtration rate was also out of range by a little, as usual. Not panic time numbers, but they may influence what blood thinner they will/won't prescribe for me.

To work from there, plenty of parking but also a big crowd in the break room, both conference rooms were in use and people were late getting into them. Got one of the last 4 bananas.

Opened the door to the hole for a maintenance guy who really just needed access to the open part of the building, but it was nicer to sit inside and wait for the person with keys than out in the cold. He eventually got let into the room he needed, but didn't manage to get the heat working any better than it was yesterday.

Another day with nothing to do, so I played a couple of episodes of the Jane Fonda/Lilly Tomlin thing on Netflix. Superb production values, good acting, craptastic script. The no-spoilers plot is Jane's and Lilly's husbands, who are law partners, divorce them to become a gay couple. Jane is a retired successful beauty products mogul, Lilly is a hippie dippie flake. IRL Jane would have shot her 5 minutes into episode 2.

On the other TV, I watched some Twitch then switched to YouTube, I Can See Your Voice/Thailand.

Lunch was beef in BBQ sauce steamer bowl and grapes. Lots of eye candy wandering through, as well as their antidote. Lots of scruffy looking people whom I doubt are engineers or marketers.

Back to the hole, ate a brownie, and a small cup of PNB&J and a tangerine. Not all at once. Signed up for a Thai dating site which said they match Thai women who live in the USA, but they lied. Everyone online was in Thailand, except for men, who were all over the world.

Did some research on vertigo, and suspect mine is more heart related than doc thought at first.

Boss bailed again. After the meeting time, again. I've stopped acknowledging the new calendar item.

Dropped off the rent on the way home. Short month.

Home, made some fresh root beer for later. Played with Zoe, who is back to liking me again. Filled her water fountain & righted her 3-tier toy. She likes my socks, thinks they are a small animal.

Dinner was the rest of the breaded fish, topped with melted Swiss & brie. And mixed veggies.

Watched PTI and the news. Still with the fire follow-ups. And too much weather. My friend at Lick was once again not shown. Instead they showed snow in Contra Costa & Alameda Counties but said it was in Santa Clara County. Fake news. Lick is in SC County.

Beach House was worthless again. The last thing I want to see in a beach house is the parental units, and this was Mom's day followed by parents' day. Gag me. 3xFF.

Ordered another pack of Sheba meat sticks. Have not heard back from HSSV. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe never.

Plans for tomorrow:
Boss will bail again

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