Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Lots of phone calls

Got to work early, despite huge backup at the on ramp.

Phone call from some guy from India who spoke so quickly I had to stop him. More slowly, he wanted to know if I was interested in a contract job. All my job sites are set for "no contracts". Hung up on him.

Phone call from Kaiser's special new blood thinner oversight department, they are putting me on pradaxa. It should be in the mail any day now.

Phone call from HSSV, Zoe can come back to them tomorrow at 2:30. Yay!

Lunch was quiet, beef merlot steamer. Grapes.

Boss sent me a bug report to verify, which needed me to install new and then newer software on an STB. Old only showed the symptoms once, new was 100% of the time, newest didn't even allow the connection.

Boss didn't even bother to cancel the sync, she just didn't show up or mention it.

Had a few more dizzy spells. I don't think of them as vertigo, there's no sense of height.

Home, all on gas because charger failed last night and I have too much in the tank to be running on battery on an opposite of spare the air day.

Got the carrier out of the shed, and Zoe's paperwork from the file cabinet. Spent some quality time with her, she did all the things I love about her, then hid behind the futon on the window sill. My neighbors are more interesting than I am, I guess.

Dinner was a mess, and my GI tract rejected it rudely. I melted some cow brie and sheep brie and butter into a bowl of milk, nuked it till it was a sauce, added too much flour to thicken it, dropped in just-boiled meat-filled ravioli. It was awful. Most of the glop went down the disposal, all the ravioli went into me. Brownie for dessert. Mad rush to the loo after. 2 Lactaid pills, I should be okay.

Watched PTI and out of 3 episodes of Oak Island, only one had new information, but that information was that the diver couldn't see a thing, and was too buoyant to feel the bottom.  As a diver, I have to say that is a monumental FAIL. You can always drop weights, but you can't add what you haven't brought down with you.

Deleted the 6 o'clock news because there wasn't going to be anything new.

IRS took its share from my bank account. Waiting for CA to put some back in.

Spook has been very vocal, whining, tonight.

Plans for tomorrow:
Lunchtime, drive home, put Zoe in the carrier, grab her spinner toy and paperwork and be in Milpitas by 2:30. If it takes 30 minutes as advertised, I'll go back to the hole.
Wrap up the litterbox cartridge in the guest room, remove the food & water and set roomba loose in there.

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