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Elvis Has Left The Building

This is yesterday's post. I came home from work last night zonked, went to bed at 8 or so after dinner. I had spent several hours Wednesday night unable to stop playing YouTube covers of Bob Dylan's To Make You Feel My Love. I don't think the choice was because I was going to be giving up Zoe the next day, I think it was more that I heard the song kind of by accident in the car the other day, and it made me feel sorry that I had no one to sing it to.

And when I searched for the singer of the version I have on my car's USB drive, all it told me was the name of the group is Sleeping At Last. Their web site claims the name is a psuedonym for a man named Ryan O'Neal, but I don't think that's a man's voice.

Anyway, I had no idea the song had been written back in 1997, or that everyone in the known universe has covered it. I still like Sleeping's cover the best, and Dylan's rendition the worst. Adele did her usual meh job with it, but i think she has the most sales. Unless Billy Joel does with his over-produced version. I think it needs a single acoustic accompaniment (piano is ok).

The one which made me cry the most was this one:

Dumb country yokel in deep deep love with his wife.

I kept playing cover after cover, rarely getting past the first verse before "no, not as good" kicked in and I hit the "next" button. I think it was 4 am before I finally put it down.

Spook was on the bed at 7:30 to wake me up.

That was Thursday morning.

I skipped the shower to have time with Zoe before heading out.

It was raining. Pretty hard. Got to work early, grabbed breakfast and marked time till 1. Messaged Boss that I was going home for lunch, then to the humane society, and would be back around 4. She told me to ping her when I got in, she was going my way and we could sync (rain=bus for her).

Home, got there about 1:15,  no traffic to speak of. I may have nibbled on something, but didn't have lunch.

Sometime before 2 I took the carrier in to the guest room, played with Zoe for a bit (she wanted to sleep on my feet), but she let me guide her into the carrier without any fuss.

It took 20 minutes to get to the Humane Society, Zoe didn't make a peep.

Appointment was for 2:30, so there was a 10-minute wait, then they took her in to get a quick vet check, and before I knew it the nice woman was pointing at the carrier in the next room asking if I wanted to have a final cuddle with Zoe. Of course I did.

Let her out of the carrier, picked her up, and she was okay for a bit with cuddling, but then she wanted down, but I couldn't let her wander much - the room wasn't cat-who-jumps-on-tall-objects-proof.

Elvis, in this case, was a very pretty dog, his portrait is on the wall inside.

The nice woman found a cage to put Zoe in so I could take the carrier home.

Somewhere in there, there was a fee & donation, and a piece of paper saying if Zoe becomes a terrorist and they have to euthenize her, do I want to be there? I could also save her at that point and take her back instead.

Carrier in the car, back to work. In the hole at about 3:15.

Boss showed up for sync at 4:30. She showed me a test she's planning on having us run together next week. I am not thrilled.


Did all the things on my post-Zoe list:
- Unplugged the litter box, removed the cartridge, taped it up and put it in the garbage bin outside
- Unplugged the water fountain, emptied it in the guest bathroom and parked it there just in case
- Moved the food tower to the guest bathroom
- Put the litterbox in the shed
- Stripped the futon and put the bedding in the washer along with the livingroom sofa's throw
- Converted the futon to its bed mode
- Let the roomba loose inside with the door closed (had to chase Spook out)

Except for the cat tree, it looks like a guest bedroom again.

Dinner was turkey leg and mashed. Too tired to caramelize some onions for it.
Watched PTI and Shark Tank.

Spook likes the futon away from the window, she has been sitting on that sill a lot. I don't think she misses Zoe at all.

Plans for Friday:
3D Cabaret show at Pear Theater

(I am writing this in the Pear Ave Google building, charging the car, waiting for 7:30 to go around the block to the theater)

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