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Fly Day

Just remembered ti flip the calendar to March, and saw I had the photo for Valentines Day there. Locks of Love. When I put the calendar together I totally missed the connection.
Kind of a rough night. Went to bed early, to make up for last night's insomnia. Spook curled up at my feet for a while. Half past midnight not having dinner got me into a low blood sugar condition. It took 3 scoops of mint chocolate chip and three of fudge brownie to stabilize. And maybe some lactose free milk. I don't remember.

Back to bed, didn't wake up till 7:30, and the alarm was a total surprise. KGO was running late, so instead of the useless traffic report, I was hearing some interesting business news. The Bose remote did not cooperate, it took a lot of button pushes to mute that. Turned the Sonos speakers to my favorite Thai pop station. Spook was on the bed yelling for treats.

Took the bedding out of the dryer and put in the whites from the washer.

On the road a little late, took the back roads because of the rain.

Checked the web cams more than usual, Spook is happy to have the guest room back. She was on that window sill a lot, and on the futon bed, and she has adopted the squishy balls which both cats had ripped from the cat tree, and they now appear all over the house.

Boss asked one of the staff to get me a tiny STB to test, he emailed that I could pick it up from him at Hole #2. I took my time because it was raining and I didn't want to give up my good parking space.  Went there at about 10, it took him half an hour to get it ready, meanwhile I also chatted with China manager. And got to sit in my Official Chair.

Back to the hole, fired up the tiny STB and found a show stopper bug right off. No way to run the automated tests. And all the manual audio tests failed. And most of the video tests. The unit doesn't have enough memory.

Watched some 49ers-combine news on YouTube.

Lots of email from women on the Thai dating site.

5:30, drove the the Pear Ave building, set up the laptop and cranked out the previous posting.

7:30 drove around the corner to The Pear theater, was happily surprised that the new artistic director, who was womaning the concession stand, knew my name. Blame FB. I have a huge crush on her, too bad she is happily married with adorable kids. Too bad for me, not her. :-)

The audience was filled with theater friends, which is not surprising because it was a performance by 3 of the more prolific local actors, plus the very best accompanist in the world. And they also had three other well known backup singers hiding in the front row. I enjoyed the show a lot, heard three great songs I had never heard of before.
Four Jews in a Room Bitching from Falsettos.
Big-Ass Rock
from The Full Monty

and I didn't catch the name or show of the third. Or I forgot. Or both. And there was something from A Chorus Line I had somehow managed to miss. Maybe it was from the revival.

Anyhow, lots of fun. After I told artistic director I work real close by, I ought to get involved. Will shoot her some email.

Have not heard back from La Cage.

Home, dinner was Marie C roast chicken, which is about a day's sodium quota. Popsicles for dessert.

Delivered was a sewing kit, the zipper broke as soon as I opened it. It is now secured with a rubber band. Nice kit, though.

Plans for tomorrow:
Probably won't wake up in time to go to the monthly meet & greet at the community hall
Need to make something for the potluck. May need to go to the store for chicken wings.
Norcal peace corps alumni annual meeting & potluck
Maybe Bad Movie Night at Bob & Sharon's
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