Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
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Singular sensation.

There was no work to do today. I think boss was still out.

Had a wonderful lunch date, my former contract rep who left to work at a higher level at a more distributed company. Her office is her cell phone, basically. She is finding out that a recruiter of technical talent needs to learn some tech. I helped giver her some jargon.

She's also a pretty good photographer, still learning, and entranced by what Photoshop can do to make people look better. I told her that out of the scores of photographers I worked with in college and 10 years on newspapers, I only know one who actually made a good living at it, and he is, in my considered professional opinion, one of the best on the planet.**

Back in the hole, I remembered that one TV I had not been able to test because it sucked, may have an update available. It did, I downloaded it, and was able to run some tests on it. Yay.

Phoned for a nails appointment (I forgot yesterday) but they were booked. Made one for tomorrow.

Wanted to see The Shape of Water tonight in Cupertino, but they only had a 1 pm showing today. They have more tomorrow. If it rains Saturday I may go then - Plan A is the ocean. HMB.

Home, took a nap. Spook almost joined me, but decided to be herself.

**Looked up that photographer online and much to my distress found an obit from last summer. They mostly got it right, though they forgot about his ace Seahawks photography - I think he was the first photog with a Kingdome sidelines pass-  and got the name of The Everett Herald wrong. Had I known, I would have gone up there for the memorial. Grant Haller was way out of my league, but never acted like it. We were on the UW Daily photo staff together for a year or three. He also helped me get assignments for the yearbook, I think.

Plans for tomorrow:

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