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Tree Trimming

Yesterday and today the parking lot in front of the hole was blocked off as a crew, including a man in a bucket lift using just a pruning hook trimmed about 3/4 of the foliage from a row of trees which line the trail which just got an ugly cement flood wall installed.

There are no power lines nearby, the trees are healthy - I don't see any reason to trim them. At first I thought maybe there was a height regulation, but they are not all topped to the same height.

Slept okay, woke up twice.

Would have been out early, but took time to make a chopped liver on rye sandwich for lunch. Kosher for Passover chopped chicken liver and beef filled stuffed cabbages was part of my Costco haul. Both are things grandmothers taught me how to make. Much easier to buy them pre-made.

Traffic was kind of slow, got to the break room a little late, but the minions had not yet arrived. No bananas, so I poured myself a glass of OJ. Kicking myself because I'd bought bananas at Costco, and forgot to pack one.

Big company's automation test applied a new login UI, and it caused some major weirdness which I reported to my liaison there. He said they knew about it, and gave me a work-around. By the time his email arrived I had already figured out the work-around. Still having an issue with the wrong test cases popping up.

Automated cases took all morning.

I called Ford, they decided my charger was under warranty and booked an appointment for next Wednesday morning to have me bring it in. If I'm on a jury I'll have to postpone.

Lunch was a bit crowded, and noisy. Manager of the minions was suggesting ways they might manage to stock the place before lunch time.

Sliced a hard boiled egg into the sandwich. Also had a croissant in my lunchbox, took two pieces of string cheese from the fridge and melted them in. Should have used the cheddar because this brand of string cheese is made from plastics.

Finished the day watching a Twitch channel where the host had solicited the streams of five very attractive women, placing them around the screen, and in the center he would put a man's stream. The man was invited to say a bit about himself, the women did two round robins of asking him a single question each, and then round-robin voted yes or no, would they go on a date with him. Strictly hypothetical, no commitment, no actual date. The host was a very good moderator. I saw three men do this.

4 pm or so I walked way down the block and moved my car to the now open but empty spaces in front of the hole. 5:30 I was out the door and en route to the nails place. Traffic was so bad it took me 25 minutes for what is usually 15 in rush hour, 5 other times.

They had the news on the TV, and it was all live coverage of nothing happening (since 10:30 that morning) at a hostage situation at the big VA home up north. All the resources for 100 miles seemed to be there, doing nothing.

Had my nails done in silver again, with La Cage in mind.

Home, delivered was a stick-on-the-wall mural just perfect for the blue area above the office door, which I had pained over when I first moved in to blot out the nauseatingly religious slogan which had been caligraphed there. I had wanted to hire a friend to paint a mural there, but she got very sick for a long time. She's better now, but probably not up to being on a ladder painting. Anyhow, I made a complete mess of the thing, it mostly stuck to itself, and would not pull apart. I think I'll order another and try again.

Have been taking Pradaxa for 2 days. It comes in a special bottle which it cannot be transferred from - the bottle has a widget built into the cap which dehumidifies and pressurizes the contents.

Dinner was two stuffed cabbages with rye bread on the side. Popsicle and pistachios for dessert.

Watched PTI, and the news. And then found a channel at 9 pm with more no-news from the hostage crisis.

In the background, I am uploading the work-safe photos from the last shoot. Or I thought I was. My uploader app didn't.

Plans for tomorrow:
Check the jury duty web site
Plan B, because it's going to be overcast, windy and rainy alol the way to Half Moon Bay:
10:40 am local showing of The Shape of Water
Look over the La Cage music again. Maybe play the CD

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