Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

The Shape of Rain

It was a cloudy dull morning, but the predicted rain decided LA was a better target. Still, not a beach day, so per Plan B, I went to the local cinema and paid $9 to see The Shape of Water. Saw the trailer several times while testing Google Play Movies on a prototype TV at work, and it looked like an intriguing sci-fi romance. Mute girl meets mistreated sea monster, teaches it sign language and saves the day by showing the scientists it is intelligent.

Much to my surprise, what I got was a thriller, lots of violence, far more nudity than expected, and a villain's villain. There was some superb acting in smaller roles, but not so much in the leads. A highlight was several dream sequences, in fact the show starts with one which seemed obviously written for later in the film. In retrospect, it telegraphed the main theme of the movie before the main theme started.

There were only half a dozen others in the theater. Not a lot in the other 19 either. I had my laptop in the car, and thought about hanging out in Starbucks, but needed the movie to wear off first. It's pretty intense.

Home, did some gardening, noticed that a single poppy had bloomed, as well as a single bee's friend flower. By this time next week there will probably be dozens of each. The zinnia patch by the mailbox has erupted with flowers. The rose garden is sprouting leaves like mad. On the porch, one of the Thai lime trees had died, it is now in the recycle bin. The Caucasian lime tree has lost its fruit, but looks okay. One of the remaining two Thai limes is thriving while the other is struggling but budding. The laurel has sprouted two more sprigs, and is growing like mad.

Filled the two hummer feeders which were empty, and sat on the porch to watch, but only got a couple of visits.

Before going to the movies, I checked the jury duty page, it said to check back Monday at 11 am. Only three sets of groups (out of about a dozen) were called, all for the downtown San Jose courthouse, which would be a giant PIA to be assigned to.

Made a snack - chopped chicken liver on rye. Gold diet cola.

Hit the bed, watched some videos on the tablet and did some Kindle reading.

Sometime in the evening Amazon delivered the BP meter for the office.

Watched the news, was totally disgusted that they spent 15 minutes on the hostage story without once mentioning that hundreds of first responders had just hung around outside from 10:30 am till dark without doing a thing. Had they stormed the building, they probably would have saved the three victims.  The news dweebs didn't even ask how the victims died, or when.

Put the new swiffer together and finished the job from when the old one broke.

In the mail was an ad for a mobile home mortgage company. I went online and applied for a refinance. Next year my interest rate is supposed to leap from 5.1% to 8.5%. Seems to me that's ridiculously high.

Dinner was the second of the huge beef ribs, with mashed potato. Dessert was frozen strawberries, a banana and a Kind bar (chocolate mint).

Ran the dishwasher & emptied it. Amazon, ordered 2 more murals, litterbox refills and paper plates.

Plans for tomorrow:
Enjoy the sunny day, if that comes to pass. Maybe go to Baylands Park and buy a season pass. Keep an eye out for the falcon
6:30, La Cage rehearsal. Turns out Diane Milo and Diane Milowiki is the same person. Vocal director.

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