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Skype Pilot

Just got off the "phone" with a friend in Thailand. I'd signed up for a Skype account way back when it first came out, to use at work, but then they wouldn't buy me a headset...

But I have one for my laptop, and here I am bucking stars and using the T-mobile wireless hookup when I get email from David asking me if I could get on Skype if he called. I was very impressed, there was no lag, audio was loud and clear in both directions, and the only annoyance was when my Big Ben chime went off at 10 o'clock, it was way loud (but it's local so didn't go out over the Skype connection). Oh yeah, there also was the fact that I had not used the headset before, and it took me a while to remember (a) it's a behind-the-head style and (b) the mike has an on-off switch, which was off.

This is a new concept - being able to call around the world for free, at land line quality audio. I like it.

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