Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Sync & Swim

Slept well, up at 6:15, rolled over and slept till 7:30. No Spook.

On the road early, traffic was light until the last exit. As usual. Ran out of washer fluid on the way home last night, put it on my groc list for this evening.

Reply from the producer asking for a link to La Cage rehearsal schedule was I will not be needed, they have enough low voices previously added to the on-stage chorus. Kind of pissed me off after the misdirection and confusion of last night. But there really is no bass part in the score. I also was not impressed with the leads. One less commitment. Added consonance_con back to my calendar.

Brought my own banana. Grabbed an egg and a gold Coke from the break room, and a tangerine.

11:30, jury duty page said to check again after 5 pm.

The day was spent manually testing a TV using Big Name Company's test rig. Product manager came by to update the firmware, just as I was about to do it myself for the second time - first time failed because the instructions were wrong.

Worse after the update, until I noticed the update erased the Big Name Company's app and replaced it with an outdated version.

Lots of testing. The few failures were mostly due to the Big Name Company's rig trying to test formats which the TV doesn't support.

Lunch was Saffron Road's salmon bowl, slightly curried. A tiny bit spicier than I like my salmon, but Asian veggies FTW. A brownie for dessert.

Had two phone calls from recruiters, the one I sent to VM was for an FTE job, the one I answered was for a contract. Boo, Howard, you changed your voicemail to get rid of the contract offers. The full time one was ridiculous, tech support for an unnamed product, but video/streaming was only listed as a "nice to have". And it was a one-person tech support "team" which required early mornings to support Europe, and a quarterly trip to Romania. Not a country I ever want to go to.

Boss scheduled a surprise sync at 2:30, but she didn't show up until half an hour after I pinged her on Hangouts. She's looking into making me a vendor instead of a contractor. I'm looking into FTE with benefits, which she is clear about not being a possibility at Google.

She brought two more boxes to test, which is excellent, and said sometime in the future, maybe April, we will all be testing a couple of devices which are out of the usual line of products for me, and will be a deep dark secret while we are testing. OK.

After 5 pm, jury duty page said check tomorrow after 11 am. Two more sets of people were called for tomorrow - Santa Clara & Palo Alto. From the structure of the page, if I'm called it will be PA.

5:30, unexpected downpour. Headed for MV Target to buy some washer fluid, because RainX, and also got 4 each shampoo and body wash. And efferdent because they didn't have the right kind of polident. And dental floss. The 4 shampoos got me a $5 gift card.

Home, the rain was just scattered drizzles. As soon as I got home I emptied the La Cage score into the paper recycle bin. Kept the binder, of course. Put the 2nd washer fluid jug in the shed (I filled the reservoir with the other one in the Target parking lot). Putting the body wash away, I saw I still had 3.

Delivered was a HUGE box, inside of which was a large box inside of which was a 3-pack of kitty litter cartridges; and a medium sized box, inside of which was a 5-pack of 44 Dixie plates. Also a tall narrow box which I expect has the two murals, which I will attempt to install on the pediment (I think that's the right word) above the office door this weekend.
Forgot to mention I watched the XFiles yesterday. Total rip-off of the Chuckie genre.

No PTI tonight, watched the news instead.

Dinner was stuffed cabbage & rye bread. Mixed frozen fruit for dessert.

Plans for tomorrow:
Check the jury page

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