Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Manual Test Day

Spook has been playing with all her toys, especially the balls, which find their way into all kinds of odd places. But the stash which has been in a small area under the livingroom windows is now scattered around the room. Finally threw away the electric spider, which long ago stopped being able to move and had landed in the middle of the sheepskin rug.

Slept so well that the alarm had been on for 16 minutes before I woke up. Still managed to get out before 9. Raining pretty hard so I took the back way, though 101 was almost at the speed limit when I got on at Ellis. The construction workers are wrapping it up, literally. There is plastic over the concrete wall, held in place with saddlebag sandbags. A backhoe's claw was filled with traffic cones and heading out of the complex.

Brought my own banana - is that a good name for a band? - but grabbed an egg, a Kind bar and a Coke. Filled a cup with OJ too. There are two huge conferences in the building - Merch on one side and Marketing 101 on the other. Each had their own massive breakfast buffet, both were taking up space in the break room. There was probably plenty of eye candy, but I'm not interested in marketing types at a tech company. They lie.

Lots of tedious work to do, the last half of the manual tests for the newly flashed TV. Asked my Big Name Company liaison (per boss' request) what made this TV fail their certs, and was given three things - a pair of tests and an automation thing. Ran those tests and saw both issues, but the automation thing didn't happen.

Boss asked me to reproduce a bug on another machine, but it will have to wait because TV is in that space at the moment. Maybe tomorrow, maybe later.**

Phone call from a mobile home lending company, approving my application to move to a fixed rate at just a few tenths of a percent higher than my current one, avoiding a bump next year to 3% higher. 15 years instead of 20, and lowers my monthly by about $100. However, insurance and taxes are out of pocket.

Lunch was teriyaki beef steamer & a brownie & pistachios & PNB&J in the hole later.

Home, still drizzling, but traffic was relatively light, and 101 was 50mph when I got on at Ellis.

Email from lending company had an application, and a long list of documentation they needed from me. Took almost 2 hours to gather it, scan it and discover there is no such thing as a paystub for my work. Sent in what I had.

There still needs to be an inspection, which will probably cost another $500.

Kept running into the boxes, which were all way too huge for what Amazon shipped in them, so I got out the cutters and broke them down, something I usually don't do till Garbage night on Sunday. Now they are in a more compact pile against the wall.

Dinner was beef ravioli with mixed veggies.  Dessert was almost ice cream but I got distracted and forgot.

Watched the latest - and last for the season - Oak Island, and was surprised at the number of coins they found which were never shown before in the 70,000 hours of repeated blather which filled the screen. They voted to continue to search next season, whenever that is, based on what I would call less than sufficient grounds. Far less. Someone is funding them, maybe Geraldo.

Which reminds me. One of the reporters on the channel I record each night has been annoying the hell out of me. He's an American-born Hispanic, speaks English like I wish all Hispanics did (no accent). His last name has an R in it, and he has lately taken to trying to be Ethnic™ and pronouncing it as if he spoke Spanish. But instead of rolling his R, he FAILs and it sounds like a D. I hate phonies.

Tomorrow is Pi day, but the student walk-out will drown out that event. Bummer.

It came down so hard a few minutes ago I went out onto the porch to watch, and saw this:

It's the top of a new building on the other side of 237. I pass it every time I take the back way.

Plans for tomorrow:
Ford service - have the charger checked out. It has been failing consistently lately. Very annoying.
11:30, check for jury duty again. I tried looking for trials in Palo Alto for this week, but the court spreadsheet was hard to search. Did not find any, except for today. Most of the court time is arraignments and other non-trial business.
If not called for jury, then to work after the car appt. **set up to duplicate that bug
Watch on Tivo my friend Nancie on Hallmark making pies.

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