Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Pie-less on Pie Day

Though I did watch my dear friend Nancie on Hallmark Channel making a strawberry rhubarb pie. Can't say I like rhubarb, though.

Woke up at 6-ish, went back to sleep till almost 8. No rush, car appointment was at 10, and even though I was en route at 9:30, I was still 25 minutes early and parked behind the theater, listening to the radio until 9:45. I figured being 10 minutes early was okay.

Sunnyvale Ford has a seriously whacked service department entrance. And they made it even more whacked. Used to be two lanes in and one lane out, with angled parking from the street halfway to the building on the "out" direction, but angled in. Now the rightmost lane is for oil changes, so there's only one in lane for service.

Rep didn't get to me till 10:10, he understood the issue - needed to take the car and the charger, because the car's computer has info on the charger, but the charger is dumb.

Set up the PC in the waiting room, and after a while needed to make a pit stop, but the men's room was closed for cleaning. They must train their cleaning people the way they train the rest of the service staff - it took 20 minutes.

Call from the loan officer, they insist on pay stubs. And they insist that pay stubs exist. Morning call to my contract rep went unanswered.

Got back from the loo in time to check the jury duty page - I was not called for today.

Soon the Ford rep found me, they agreed it was a bum charger, and brought the car around with a new one in the back seat.

To work, arrived around 11:15, but oddly was the first person in the building. There was a message from the lead engineer of the gang next door, sent from off-campus, asking if I was there, from an hour before. I answered, but he said the problem was solved.

Did an online search and found my pay stubs on the contract company's parent company's web site. Weird, after the big hullabaloo they made about being separate now. Emailed the last 3 home.

Checked the automation results, and they were inconsistent, which made Boss want way more data than I could get in a day. Not happy because for two weeks I had nothing to do, and now I have a backlog of 6 machines. I'd rather be testing than collecting stats.

Message from another manager that there is a huge TV for me to test in Hole#2, so I'll go over there tomorrow with my kit, after grabbing breakfast. Hole #2 has a markedly under-supplied break room. It does have a padded stage and a stripper pole. That must count for something.

All of my day today was re-running a set of 12 tests which failed during automation testing, and tomorrow I need to parse those test by test to see how many times each one passed/failed. We're trying to show Big Nameless Company how unreliable their test rig is.

Lunch was a chicken liver on rye sandwich with an HB egg sliced into it. Brownie for dessert. And a tangerine.

Made up for being late by staying 90 minutes late, which meant lighter traffic, especially on 101/237.

Home, nothing delivered.

Forwarded the pay stubs to the loan people.

Poked around on FB. Poked around on YouTube. Dinner was steamed Ha Gow. Dessert was microwave thawed strawberries on a bed of walnuts and honey.

Watched Nancie's Hallmark Pie segment on Tivo, and then PTI.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work - grab breakfast at the usual place, then grab my laptop, test phone and BT mouse and head on over to Hole #2
Back to the hole, dive into those stats.
Or see Wrinkle In Time. Or The Greatest Showman. Which may no longer be playing.
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