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Missed Connections

Maybe because I've switched to caffeine free coke. Been sleeping well, not having much trouble falling asleep.

No Spook this morning. She decided to guard the front porch instead.

Took my time getting out of bed, but still got to work on time. There were bananas and tangerines. No munchies, though. People standing up eating cereal. I don't get that. Cereal or standing while eating when there are seats available.

Went to the Hole just long enough to have breakfast and start one more round of re-tes. Grabbed my kit and drove to Hole #2, did not see a big TV of the right brand, so went upstairs in search of that TV's manager. Not there. Boss said he was on the bus from SF, would arrive in 25 minutes or so. She messaged him, he had forgotten to have the TV set up. Boss suggested it would be this afternoon. She would have him ping me.

Back to the Hole, spent a couple of hours collecting data from the re-runs and putting it into a color coded spreadsheet which showed clearly that the test rig was inconsistent.

Not a peep from TV manager. Just after 5 I checked the jury web site, and I am called for 8:30 tomorrow morning in San Jose. Bummed because it's the 2nd furthest from me of all the courts, and parking is in a garage on the wrong side of a split street. And I need to go to be early to wake up in time.

Home, still scattering showers around. Saw a nice rainbow when I went out to the car. Traffic was a mess in the usual place, but light the rest of the way. 101 was not moving at all so it was back roads all the way.

Spook was waiting for me. She does this all the time now, leaves whatever perch she is on, and parks herself in front of the door when she hears the car drive up. Lately she has been on the countertop window sill looking out. Zoe taught her that trick - before Zoe, Spook had no idea she could jump that high.

Webcam photos I took from outside.

At a loss for what to make for dinner. Found some long lost white fish in the fridge freezer, and stuffed grape leaves in the big freezer. Had to defrost the latter before heating them up. The fish was inedible, way too salty, which is how it ended up not being eaten in the first place. The grape leaves did not fare do well being nuked, but they tasted swell. The 12 I didn't consume are in the fridge, thawing the rest of the way. they are fine at room temp.

Watched PTI, and Graham Norton. This episode had that amazing bearded lady singing This Is Me. I'll plop that in here.

A friend who moved from here to LA to be in Ghostbusters II and has not gotten much work since tells me this resonates with her. She's tiny and while I think she's beautiful, the camera doesn't. Some day, maybe, her ship will come in. Meanwhile another local girl who took the stage route has just landed a leading role in a major sitcom, after several Broadway leading roles. 

Plans for tomorrow:
Jury duty
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