Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Wait While I Grab Something To Drink

Thanks for waiting. Got a glass of gold cola.

Busy day, with the week of somewhat missed connections continuing.

Slept in, Spook was on the bed as soon as I turned on the lights, and stuck around for pets and ear rubs and head butts for about 5 minutes.

Quick morning subroutine, no breakfast. Grabbed the Baylands Park form and my camera & a couple of lenses and Sharks jacket & out the door. Got the cat carrier from the shed, just in case.

Quick trip to the park, handed in the form, then used their restroom.

Next stop, Cupertino Main Street, orchid show & sale. Parking nearby was full - mostly reserved for the nearby hotel, so I parked 2 blocks away.

Lots of orchids, but I didn't see any catalayas. After taking photos all around, I asked at the door if anyone was selling catalayas. None of the door personnel were associated with any of the orchid sellers, they were just temps running the $$ machine and checking receipts. Clueless.

Just as I was leaving, a woman comes out with a somewhat wilty catalaya with nice blooms on one stalk. $24, so I bought it. Mom used to make those thrive, maybe I can too.

Took that back to the car, noticed I had another hour to kill, so drove back toward the show with the idea that if a nearby space opened, I'd park and go back in, and get a card from the shop which had the catalaya. It did and I did.

Back to the car, programmed in the Dancing Cat address, 702 Julian Street. 20 minutes later I was at the corner of 7th and Julian, parked, but it did not look like the house on the corner was the one. Two homeless drunks outside, lots of graffiti on the boarded up windows. I was way early, so I walked to the Mexican supermarket across the street, used their Baños, bought some sweet limes and bananas, brought those back to the car.

Walked to the corner, the address on the derelict house was 302. WTF? Fired up the GPS, and yup, I was still 0.3 miles away. Moved the car to 15th & Julian, and there it was.

Right on time.

Grabbed the camera and went in. The volunteer recognized me.

After seeing what I thought was the cat I wanted to adopt, two college students with multi colored hair were playing with him. He came right up to me, hopped up on the seat beside me and cuddled. Loved being petted. But he got spooked when he saw a man staring at him from across the room, and hid under the sofa. The man (about 20-ish) was all WTF about that, as he should be.

Talked to the volunteer and she said someone had already adopted that cat. We talked about Zoe & Spook a bit, and she suggested a couple of boy cats which were in foster homes, and she said the thing to do was go online and fill out and application for one. None of the cats in the house were a good fit, either too small or too female or did not play well with others.

Very small, shy female kitty

Tommem, the wondercat. The one that got away. :-(

Ready for his close-up.

Home, shattered scowers, so I figured that going to the SJ shelter was not a great plan. Went on their web site and they only had 2, neither were a fit. So, on the the Dancing Cat's parent company site, filled out an application for a huge white furball, Siamese mix with one blue and one green eye male. Mostly to meet him. I'm not sure from the description if he's the answer.

I have time. Spook has time.

No hummingbirds today, but this morning a pair of goldfinches were munching on seed on the Russian sage bushes.

Took a few photos of the gardens, moved the elephant to a more visible spot, and straightened the blue jay.

Ran the dishwasher, also laundered a few jeans.

I had taken the brownies out of the fridge to get to room temp so they would be easier to turn out of the pan and cut into squares. That turned out to be a major chore. Bottom line, the double batch is now in the table scraps recycle bin. Kind of burned and the consistency of bricks, almost. While I was at it, the remaining pot brownies went there too.

Found a cute show to watch called Big Stars Little Stars in which three celebrity adults and one of their children play a game similar to Newlyweds. It moves along well, very entertaining, and the kids are pretty smart. And know it.

Dinner was an homage to the day, and to my Hungarian roots.

Corned beef & stuffed cabbage. Had I been planning, I might have made stuffed cabbage from scratch with corned beef filling. This is Costco special "halubchis". Kosher for Passover, no less.

Dessert was going to be brownies, but was ad libbed to popsicles.

Plans for tomorrow:
Probably go back to the orchid show, to see if they have nicer catalayas. The lady said they would not have flowers on them, but that's okay, they have a way of popping out flowers if the stalks are healthy. The one I bought needs a bigger pot. I happen to have two.
Maybe A Wrinkle in Time - I read the books when I was a kid, remember enjoying them a lot, associate them with The Thyme Garden. But I remember nothing... I am not thrilled that the movie became a blacksploitation film. The author was as white as white could be, as were her books' characters.

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