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Mister Eclectic

Now That The Garbage Has Been Taken Out

And way early, because I've been relatively lazy today. And two more missed connections.

Sleep was a mess. Rolled over at about 2:30 to find Spook sleeping next to me. As soon as I went to the bathroom she bailed. Maybe she knew something, because one moment I was taking a leak, the next I was unconscious on the floor, and one of the sliding shower doors was knocked off one of its two guides, hanging mostly loose inside the shower. And there was a bracket on the shower floor which I think is supposed to keep the two doors lined up, but I couldn't figure out where it goes.

It took two tries to get up and into bed - fell again almost as soon as I was halfway up. Finally made it back to bed, but the rest of the night was iffy.

Out of bed at about 10, Hgl was fine, BP was a little low for me, but normal for everyone else. Lost all the weight I'd gained last week.

Vegged on the computer and set up some Tivo recordings. Noon-ish I headed for the orchid show.  Missed connection this time is the orchid place which said they would bring some cattleya plants didn't - owner misunderstood his doesn't-speak-much-English wife and decided plants without flowers could stay in the greenhouse.

Attended the end of a talk out on the patio billed as how to re-pot an orchid, but by then it was a general Q&A, also worth listening to. 1 pm, the talk on how to make your orchid bloom somehow ended up one on how to re-pot an orchid. Very educational. Turns out the two subjects are almost the same. Making your orchid bloom hinges on re-potting it, performing an autopsy between one pot and the next.

Inside, found an orchid from Brazil which looks a lot like a cattleya, but isn't. Fragrant like one, almost the same leaf structure, slightly smaller flower. I bought one. Took a long time to disengage from the seller, who wanted to tell me the history of all the orchids in the world. He said cattleyas are "new world" flowers, though I know we had them in southern Thailand. Turns out Brazil counts as new world, though he did not put 2+2 together.

Orchid show was in a mall just behind Valco, which meant I could see a movie. Parked on the 2nd level, which I thought had a skypath to the movies, but did not see where it was until I'd parked downstairs and walked up a flight of stairs from ground level. Long walk through a deserted mall, took a look at the offerings, and it seems they no longer show anything but 2D. I really want to see Wrinkle in 3D.

Back to the car, took the orchid home, set it on the kitchen table with the other one. Both are very fragrant.

Email from Dancing Cat that the one I applied for doesn't play well with others, suggesting two others. I replied that the tabby looked like a fit. Intense eyes. There was also a B&W, but I tend to prefer some color.

Email from Ameritrade telling me to log into my account. It took my old Scottrade account # and password, but the secret question was "What branch of the military were you in?" and it didn't take anything I put in for an answer. Called them, told the nice lad that
Scottrade assured me the two closed accounts would not transfer, but apparently one did. The nice lad closed it. Yay.

Photo meetup is having a couple of photo editing sessions, but they are not on things I'm needing to learn. And the next two shoots are with a model I have shot twice before.

LaCage posted a photo of a vocal rehearsal in someone's livingroom. Producer FAIL.

Their next season is going to be Cabaret, which has a part I can go for, Grease, which doesn't, and The Wiz, which definitely doesn't. I'm very disappointed for me, but it's a commercially excellent set of choices.

Lunch was turkey frank slices sauteed in butter & minced garlic, and 4 stuffed grape leaves heated up in the same pan. Chocolate chip ice cream with walnuts for dessert.

Haven't had dinner. May not. Maybe a few slices of cinnamon raisin bread. Early to bed.

Sent email to the Pradaxa support team describing my fainting spells. Did not take any today (put aspirin back in place).

Plans for tomorrow
Hope to hear about new cat
Hope to hear from Pradaxa Central
Lots of STB testing.
Boss will probably have something to add. Maybe even sync.

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