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Backdated. Written Friday
No changes to pulse rate. Hgl 122.

Still expecting to go home today.

No more pretty nurses. Alfred has Maori tattoos on both arms. Nice guy, though. Impressed that I can sing & do legit theater (no mikes).

5:30 am blood draw. 6 am meds. 7:30 am French toast with turkey sausages for breakfast.

Hgl is over 200. 7 units of low action lispro insulin (my usual dosage would be 150, but the hospital orders ignore that). Waste of a good syringe.

Ben, a HUGE Hawaiian from pharmacy, arrives to IV inject some glucogen. Which makes me nauseous, so he adds some Dramamine-like stuff, then another shot of glucogen. And like magic my pulse is up to a steady 60-70.

And stays there.

I am not remembering which nurse is helping, bu now it looks like I will go home today.

But wait.

New nurse whose name I don't get has a syringe of heparin, which she injects like it's a rocket launcher, hurts like Hell. I go "ouch" and she mumbles about I could have done the injection myself. My eyes are saying "you're fired!". It's a blood thinner to prevent thrombosis, because I'll be in bed for a while.

Jr. Cardiologist comes in, says she can't let me out, what with my history of fainting. I argue, tell her I'm going home anyway. Which is my right. Especially since I don't buy her arguments.

Sr. Cardiologist is called, he gets there in a couple of hours and says the coreg is too small a dose to blame this on, and what's going on is an electrical blockage which needs a pacemaker. "It's a simple procedure, and Dr. Waldo is the best." I am not thrilled with having to wait days for an operation at $500/day in hospital fees and lost wages. He says he can schedule it for tomorrow. "No food after midnight". I say "Gremlins". Jr. says "don't get wet".

Hgl is above 400. Decide to skip dinner.

11:30 pm, too much chatter outside my door, can't get to sleep. Shift change, Alfred introduces my new nurse Maricris, who comes out from around the nursing station to say hi. "Having trouble sleeping?" she asks. "Having trouble getting to sleep BECAUSE IT'S VERY NOISY OUT HERE!" I reply, the last half in about 50% of my Theater Voice™. Frightens her a lot but things do go quiet. And are still that way when she checks on me at 1 am. "amazing how quiet it is," I say, as I go back to sleep.

Note to nurses: I know it's night shift change and there are important things to discuss, but not in your outdoor voices.

Plans for tomorrow:
5 am blood draw
6 am meds
No breakfast
Watch bad TV
Feel old and depressed
Have a pacemaker installed
Feel older and more depressed

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