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Backdated. Written on Friday
Finally got to sleep around 1:30 am. 5 am blood letting, 6 am meds.  Hgl over 300.

BP/Pulse/O2 look fine.

Long wait with nothing to do, going stir crazy. Battery is down on both phone & tablet, so they are off. No good turning on the tablet, wifi won't connect. Not surprising with all the RF telemetry in the air. TV  news on 3 channels gives the same news in the same order, including traffic reports from 60 miles away. Daytime TV for the brainless. Why does anyone listen to the wife of a man who bit the heads off of bats? Or a black woman woman whose stage name sounds like a Jew with an anal probe, who has been divorced 3x?  Caryn Elaine Johnson is a perfectly fine name. And so on.

Hot Bench was almost watchable. Two women and a man judge a woman who is suing a former landlord when she had not paid the rent. Almost watchable. Animal Planet showing game wardens catching drunk fishermen, and confiscating the fish.

Bored to tears, set in the hard-backed chair by the window and watched the traffic lights reflecting off the rainy pavement. Sang morose songs to myself.

Beautiful girls
Walk a little slower when you walk by me...
...Wandering rainbows
Leave a little color for my heart to own...


When the rain is blowing in your face
And the whole world is on your case..
...I'd go hungry
I'd go black and blue
I'd go crawling down the avenue

There were tears. Feeling sorry for myself. Feeling sorry there was no one/nothing to be angry at. Feeling angry that there was no one/nothing to be angry at.

2:30, they finally came to get me. A nurse named David wheeled my bed all the way to the OR, where I was prepped with orange paint (similar to betadine) on my neck, left side, and left front chest by my shoulder. Mild sedation was IVed into me, to get me relaxed. A cone of shame went over my head, translucent. I made some wise cracks, they laughed.

It was not a simple procedure. Two electrical leads were run through a vein into my heart. That isn't simple. Had I known, I may have said no. Pacemaker was implanted under the skin on the front of my chest, by my left shoulder, and sewn in place, with a plastic shield and a gauze dressing. It was all done in about 90 minutes.

On the way out the Boston Scientific rep hands me two boxes - a heart monitor about the size of a router, and a smaller box which the pacemaker came in, with a generic instruction booklet.

Back in my room at about 4.

It took two calls for my final nurse, Savita, to bring me back the discharge paperwork. Looking it over, a lot of it was pre-op instructions which they should have given to me yesterday. Or this morning.

Hungry. But I forget what I had for dinner, or if I skipped it again for high Hgl (400+). This time insulin was almost in large enough doses. 10 units of lispro and 20 of lantus. I'd have done 120 and 50.

Remembering that yesterday I didn't order lunch because I was going home. :-(

Yeah, skipped it. Did have dinner last night, though. Chicken breast, not something I would have ordered for myself. Cranberry juice, ditto. Left that.

More boredom. More Ose.

Got to sleep around 10, I think.

Plans for tomorrow:
Go home

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