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Backdated. Written Friday.
5:30 am blood draw, 6 am meds
Pacemaker hurts a bit. Can't make a fist with my left hand. Otherwise OK, the numbers look good.

Minion came in to ask for a lunch order, ordered breakfast instead. I forget what I had.

Bored. Just waiting for Sr. Cardio to send me home. He comes in at about 10 am, says the monitor shows the pacemaker had not been programmed correctly by the best implant surgeon. Sending his assistant to reprogram it.


There may have been lunch. I am turning into a gremlin. Must have gotten wet.

Afternoon, assistants arrive with a unit which they set up, it runs an EKG, they use a loop antenna to reprogram the pacemaker, but something is wrong, they won't tell me what, just that Sr. Cardio needs to be called.

An hour later, no Sr. Cardio. I ask Maricris to have him paged. I tell her I am getting angry, if he isn't here by 4, I am getting dressed and checking out. She wants to take my BP but I say no, I'm too angry.

Meanwhile, I have read the paperwork, and it says not to drive for 12 hours after the operatio. It is now 24 hours. I'll drive myself home.

Sr. shows up at 3:55, asks what's up. I tell him he's supposed to be here to tell me what's up. He blurts out that I'm okay to go home, it's just that the pacemaker didn't get rid of the flutter, they will have to bring me back in a month or two either for electroshock or chemical therapy to get rid of the electrical blockage.

Gee, thanks. He insists that I needed the pacemaker, but he's not convincing.

Maricris gets all the stickers off of me, untangles the wires and removes the sending unit. Then she helps get my things and lets me take one last pit stop and get dressed.

It was a bit of a chore buttoning my shirt with one hand. I'm not supposed to raise my left arm higher than my heart. Last night they gave me a sling to wear, but it didn't prevent me from raising my arm, only prevented lowering it. I left it behind. More stupidity.

There are antibiotics to pick up from the pharmacy. Maricris calls for a volunteer to wheel me there and then outside. He arrives in 5 minutes.

Pharmacy, some clown has ordered all my insulin ($700) as well as the new antibiotic. I refuse the insulin, I have plenty at home. $10.77 for the new drugs and a small pack of generic immodium which I also do not need, but can always use (insulin has an expiration date, immodium doesn't really).

Volunteer wheels me down to the lobby, out the doors, and offers to wheel me to the parking garage, he can go as far as the sidewalk runs.

I get out at the corner nearest the hospital, grab my bag of goodies, and walk the 75 yards to the elevator (no dizziness this time) up to the 4th floor. Fire up the car and head out slowly. Jerk behind me wants to tailgate, by the 2nd floor she realizes I'm not speeding up, and backs off to a safe distance.

It's a straight trip down Lawrence Expressway to Tasman, then a left and a right into the park and another right to my house.

I need 2 trips from car to inside, Spook is at the door waiting for me, trying to get out. That wasn't helping.

Bag of goodies & lunchbox inside, hang up my jacket, put on my Birks, and dump stuff on my bed for later.

The PC has been on since Tuesday morning - I have it set to auto-start at 6:30 am. Lots of email to read & delete. FB "Honey, I'm home" message to send. LJ too.

Dinner is oven-heated shrimp egg rolls in orange sauce. Dessert is frozen strawberries & blueberries.

Hgl is 170, shoot up 120 lispro at bedtime. Take an antibiotic, and my usual evening meds.

Open up the heart monitor box, they have not included either the cell or wi-fi adapters, so I put it back in the box for tomorrow.

In the mailbox was a 23&Me test kit. Tried to open it, but was too tired to bother. Also in the mail was a NatGeo which went on the pile, and Better Homes & Gargoyles, which got taken out of the plastic sleeve and placed in the paper recycle. In the park slot was the rent bill, also in a plastic sleeve, delivered today because it was in most of my neighbors' slots too. I have till a week from Saturday to do anything with it.

Caught up on PTI. Deleted a week's worth of the 6 o'clock news.

To bed at about 11. Spook was on the bed for a while, playing.

Plans for tomorrow:
Sleep in
Take it easy - maybe not get dressed.
Watch a lot of ESPN and ESPN2 which they don't have at the hospital
Make the last batch of brownies
Use the microwave
Put away the fancy Weight Watchers scale (body fat scales are verboten) and find the other BT scale

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