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Back to nearly normal. Slept okay with some fits & starts, up at 8:50, after some internal discussion my hair itching got to me and after brushing my teeth for the first time since Monday (the hospital had no toothbrush, toothpaste, floss and did not offer a place to put my dentures overnight so they were in my mouth all week) I took a shower.

It was a little dicey not being able to raise my left arm above heart level, but I managed. It got the dressing all wet, so after I dried off I tore that off and pasted on a new one. Again, something of a trick one-handed. But right hand to heart is easy enough. While I was doing that, Spook inspected the shower drain.

All day I was noticing how truly ambidextrous I am, how much I want to use my left arm. Open the fridge with my left arm, take out a bottle with my right. Can't do that for the next few days.

Hgl was 90, pretty good. Some pain from the sutures, Tylenol helped. Also some ocular migraines which had no pain associated with them.

Banana for breakfast, and some PNB for protein. Lots of Facebooking, and also set up Dreamwidth to slurp up my FB posts. Got email that my one friend on DW posted something, so I went there and saw that none of my stuff since May made it over. Wrong password. Odd, because it had not changed. Looks like it is all there now.

Watched some ESPN and last night's news.

At about 12:30 headed to the Dancing Cat to meet Chase. He was curled up in a bed on the top shelf of the community barracks, ignoring the world. He did like being petted, and his fur is ever so soft.

But there was no real connection, and he never left the bed. Staffer whom I have been working with said they think he is half of a bonded pair. His actual brother is a B&W furball, huge as well, curled up in a bed in the back room, not coming out either. I seriously doubt they are a bonded pair, and am skeptical they are brothers, but the bottom line was neither of them wanted anything to do with the outside world, there was no connection, so after 2 hours I went home empty-carriered.

None of the other cats in the compound were a good fit. Too small. Or bonded. Or too mean (one of them clawed me, drew blood), or already adopted.

Maybe tomorrow I'll look elsewhere.

Meanwhile, the pacemaker is not doing its job, I am seeing way low BP numbers, way high pulse numbers and feeling unsteady at times. Hoping my appointment Monday afternoon will address that.

Home, late lunch of stuffed grape leaves and chicken liver on rye bread.

Channel surfed, stumbled on the DC march for life on CSpan. I am crying real tears, seeing more people than I can count, and a very organized show. Ran like clockwork. So many victims, survivors, too young to vote...yet. They don't know that none of this will matter at election time, because Congress is hopelessly gerrymandered. Nothing short of a coup will address this mess.

Dinner was a stovetop pot of soup, matzo balls, won tons, home grown spices, store bought spices. Stirred in some eggbeaters, but they don't egg drop like real eggs.

Watched some more news, and the weather clown thinks it will be in the 80s by Thursday. I doubt it, but am never totally surprised.

None of my neighbors were out, so my secret is still intact.

My nails needed renewing Wednesday, it's annoying.

Missing Consonance and Karaoke tonight.

Plans for tomorrow:
Online cat search
Maybe follow up at a shelter
Would have gone to Consonance for the final day, but there is no programming I want to see/hear.
Mostly take it easy

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