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Cats & Cardio & Intruder Alert

Up an hour and a half before the alarm, back to sleep after a pit stop. Then up with the alarm, Spook helped. She stuck around a bit longer than usual. Usual morning routine, figured out that it's easier to put on the gauze dressing if I put the first piece of tape on it before slapping it onto my chest.

Found Theo in the closet - one more cat who can open closet doors, lured him out for a bit. He's fine in the room if I'm there.

My sister says he is a Savanna, which is sort of a diluted Bengal. 

Packed lunch & a banana just in case. On the road by 8:45, at the break room before 9. Lots of bananas, grabbed a tangerine and an egg and a couple of cheese rounds.

Got into the Hole, and was shocked to see the machine I had been working on was gone, so was the next one in line. And there was a big box with (probably) a speaker in it by the window from Crazy Dave's Music. And an empty coffee cup on my desk.

Turns out Boss had given the machines to some person in her office, and the China manager left the coffee and the box.

But now I had no work to do. Boss sent a bug my way to troubleshoot, but it was a huge failure - couldn't get past the first step in the steps to reproduce. It did give me work for a few hours, though.

Lunch at 1, the expected crowd had gone elsewhere, but it was still kind of crowded with people working. And waiting for Uber. Beef teriyaki steamer bowl.

Back to the Hole for just long enough to wrap up. Boss said she will bring me more things to test tomorrow.

3 pm, off to the cardiology department. They scanned the pacemaker, tweaked some things just to make sure it responded, and declared it 100% functional, but not working very hard because it didn't have to. Head tech said I can go back to wearing my cell phone in my left shirt pocket, the pacemaker is well shielded against that. But he agreed that the stun gun is out, and I should try not to get tazed.

Cardiologist made a quick visit (not one of the two I saw in the hospital), removed the dressing, declared the site okay. Apparently I don't need the dressing anymore.

Went to the cafe, but it was mostly closed. However, I did see this:

This is at the Kaiser Permanente facility.

Home, with an ATM stop along the way.

Gave Spook some treats, made a pit stop and paid Theo a visit. He was in the closet again, but came out when I opened the closet door. He did a #1 in the small litterbox, then after some thought, some vocalization, and a 180° turn, he stood straight up with his front paws on the front of the plastic tub and did a #2 standing up. There wasn't enough gravel to cover it, so I took the tub outside, scraped the contents into a garbage bag, and went outside with them. While I was thinking of it, I changed Spook's litterbox. Threw the bag & box in the garbage, and washed out the tub. Got the spare electric litterbox from the shed.

Spook watched from the window.

Back inside, I set up the litterbox in Theo's room, and sat with him for a while. Turned off the light when I left.

Facebooked, watched PTI and the news. Dinner was stuffed cabbage, a croissant and some brownie pieces.

One more Theo session, turned the light back on, he came out and made a lot of progress. He finally figured out the water fountain, ate some more kibble, but he is ignoring the treats and the meat stick. I tossed a yarn ball, but he wasn't interested. And he ignored the scratching post, preferring the carpet. It's a cheap no-shag thing, and he has very strong claws. He jumped up on the futon next to me when I signaled, and purred away. I turned the light back off on my way out. The webcams have IR, and I saw him out & about. Right now he's on the sill looking out the window.

Spook parked outside the door for some of that, and when I came out I let her sniff my hand. She looked apprehensive.

Middle sister emailed for a cardio update, so I called her. Turns out it was my 2nd niece who made me a great uncle for the 28th time. Her 8th. Big sister's 26th grand child. Middle sister has 2.

In the mail was my official "your rent goes up in August" notice. It's built into the lease.

I finally gave up on Michael W. Twitty's The Cooking Gene: A Journey Through African American Culinary History in the Old South. He's just not a very good writer, and this book is mostly him showing off his vast research into his many roots. A lot of the food names he claims are from African languages are actually French. I was expecting recipes, but there are only a couple of those, and they are more parodies than recipes. He mostly just goes on a tear listing ingredients, dozens at a crack.

At the suggestion of a sci-fi musical friend, I am now reading Octavia Butler's Seed trilogy. Excellent writing, so much better to be reading a story instead of random lists.

Plans for tomorrow:
PCP is scheduled to phone at 10:30
Home? Starbucks?
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