Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Useless Two's Day

Slept okay, woke up a few times. Spook was there on and off. She also parked in front of Theo's door a bit.

Up at 6, wanted to raise the sleep number on the bed, but the app was unresponsive. Uninstalled/reinstalled and it worked. Cranked it from 60 to 80. Much better on the pacemaker wound. Back to sleep, woken up by the alarm & lights & Spook.

Skipped the shower, didn't want to get the un-dressed stitches wet. They are under a plastic tape but I don't trust it.
Quality time with Theo, he buries himself deep in the closet but comes out when he sees me. He figured out the new litter box, but the crystals made him slide around a bit.

On the road at 8:45, at work just after 9, thanks to a major dump of cars onto my off-ramp, all fighting to get to the next lane over.

Grabbed the usual breakfast and headed for the Hole.

Nothing to do all day. China manager came to claim his speaker. Apparently Crazy Dave's Audio on the return address was a joke. He set it up in the next room, very nice speaker.

PCP phoned a little late - at 10:30 the phone rang but it was another stupid Indian recruiter who can't read the "no phone calls/no contract jobs/I am not a developer" part. I had three of those today. Anyhow, doc set up an appointment to see her tomorrow afternoon.  

Boss was supposed to come over with a unit to test at 3:30, but she got stuck in meetings. She said she would leave it on my desk tonight.

Temps got to 80 outside, HVAC never kicked in, but the furnace did. Re-opened the repair ticket (which dates back almost a year now).

Home, treats for Spook, then time with Theo, who was sneezing a lot. I grabbed a kitty bed and placed it in the closet where he had been sleeping, but he yelled at it and parked himself in the closet away from it, so I took it out and put it under the Casio keyboard stand. I also brought the 3-tier balls toy from the livingroom, but he does not seem to have the toys gene.

Dinner was the rest of the turkey & onions & mushrooms on rye, brownies for dessert.

One more Theo session, he mostly sprawled next to me on the futon. He loves tummy rubs. All rubs, actually. But he's still nervous about being out of his sleeping hole. Need to give him a lot of time before Spooking him.

Watched PTI and the news. Facebooked a bit.

Got a call from one of my fellow alumni, 50th reunion reminder. Screaming children in the background, I'll guess grandkids. She was
a hotty back in high school, I think she was in my photo lab. Pretty sure she was on yearbook. I told her that having it on a Friday in a place with no public transportation made it a no for me. She didn't even know where it was.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work (hopefully new unit will be there)
Bail at 3:45 or so
Doctor appt
Maybe get nails done if there's time.
If Theo is still sneezing, message my vet

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