Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

I'm tired and i wannna go to bed

so this will be short. but first, natal day salutations to susandennis, one of the few people who still posts regularly here. Many happy laps & innings!
mostly normal morning except I forgot to take the gauze & tape dressing off the pacemaker wound after showering.

Out at 8:45, break room at 9, where  one of the Chinese engineers followed me back to the Hole because he didn't have a key.

As I unlocked the door, phone rang, doctor's assistant asking if I could come in at 10 instead of 4:15. OK, just enough time to have a banana and message boss, who forgot to leave a unit for me to work on.

Doctor did a full exam, EKG, 4 vials of blood drawn in the lab.

Back to the hole, Boss asks me to come Hole#2 to get two machines. I do. Back in the Hole, one machine is the one I had been working on when I left last Monday. I was not amused.

Spent the rest of the day finishing the tests. It was not pretty. I would not recommend this box.

Next stop, nail parlor. re-did the silver. She said next time should be blue.

Safeway, got all I need for the week and more.

Home, 4 trips to bring stuff in because caution about pacemaker wound.

Theo had been out and about during the day but wouldn't come out for me. Left him to himself, turned the light out again.

Faebooked. Looked at webcams, Theo was out by the food & water so I turned the light on and went in.

Had to lure him out of the closet, but after a bit he smelled Spook at the door, so I opened it a crack. After a while Spook hissed and both of them backed off.

Unloaded all the food first.

Hgl almost 300. Decided to shoot up & skip dinner.

My hands are not cooperating and I keep hitting the wrong mouse button.

Time for bed
Plans for tomorrow:
maybe starbucks
another try at Spook-Theo detente
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