Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Spook is pissed

But first, last night. She spent all night curled up by my side, just out of reach, almost - I could touch her tail. She didn't leave till I got up to shower, despite at least 3 early am pit stops.

AG called as I was building lunch. I'm jealous - he's taking his wife & son to Miami and then Disney World for spring break.

Got to work 10 minutes early, grabbed a banana and cheese but no eggs or Kind bars were out. No meetings in the building.

Finished one last test on yesterday's box, it took too long to test because it sucked. London manager says to expect new firmware next week.

Next victim sat unopened until boss explained it was not one of the ones waiting for updates. Except for one corner case it ran fine, testing was done in a day except for one overnight test.

Called Kaiser's central finance in SoCal to find out why they threatened to put a previously unbilled $10 charge up for collection. The person I spoke to was stumped, $10 is not a co-pay for anything, and she said it was listed as an outpatient visit. For me that would be $35. So she has an inquiry in to the Mountain View clinic which generated it.

Got a promised phone triage call from psychiatry, I asked about groups to attend because I've run out of local support what with all my theater friends busy with shows and not being allowed to do most backstage work until the incision heals. Can't even do photo shoots because I am not allowed to raise my left arm above my heart. The best she could do was a phone session in 2 weeks.

And the appraiser for refinancing is now scheduled for April 15.

Home, miserable traffic all the way. Dropped off the rent, had to hunt for parking because it was Texas Hold 'em night.

Webcam showed Theo had been out and about most of the day, after he used the litterbox he curled up next to the rug steamer. But he was in the closet when I visited, and was not coming out.

PTI was bumped for a women's college basketball game, so all I had on Tivo was the news, which featured that phony Al Sharpton, sticking his nose in where it didn't belong.

Dinner was the last of the stuffed grape leaves and popsicles.

Checked on Theo again, this time I reached into the closet and he came out. Buried his head in the food dish for a long time, took a leak in the litterbox, and stood looking at the door. Webcam showed no Spook outside the door, so I took the hint and opened the door. As soon as he came out, Spook went in to inspect the place, then Theo came in again. Spook hissed and growled a bit, Theo ignored her and went on a tour of the house, meowing loudly all the way. He turns out to be another shower cat.

He ate from the kitchen food tower, drank from the water fountain, meowing underwater a few times before he discovered he could drink from the stream. And then he peed in Spook's litterbox.

Spook is really pissed at me, she hissed and swiped at me when I tried to pet her, then ran away. Theo found the bay window sill and guarded the street for while. Now he is lying on one of the lower tiers of the office cat tree, yelling at me from time to time. He isn't sneezing. Meanwhile, Spook is on the floor by the livingroom windows, all the way across the house, staring at Theo. She is not amused.

But it's a much better situation than Zoe, at least for now. Theo is unafraid, and I don't think Spook is going to be able to bully him. He isn't interested in fighting her either.

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