Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

After Last night

As I mentioned earlier, it was a sporadically sleepless night, what with Theo and the discomfort of the pacemaker wound.

Woke 15 minutes before the alarm but waited for it before getting out of bed. Spook was on the floor next to the bed but ran off when I got up.

Quick shower, feeling low so Hgl time - 72 - ate a Klondike bar as I Facebooked and checked email.

Took drugs, shot up, packed lunch and was out the door by 8:30. Not much traffic after the usual on-ramp stupidity.  In the break room  by 8:45. Minions said they have a new snack coming, cheesewich, two slices of cheese with a slice of salami in between. On my way out of the building i saw a box of them waiting to be brought inside.

In the hole, finished one last overnight test on the really nice STB, and got instructions earlier than expected on installing new firmware on the not so good STB from earlier this week. Did that and tested all the things which failed last time. They fixed a lot, but not enough to pass my test. It's a European box, so my report ought to make it there in time for them to see it Monday before I get in. I hope they will fix what needs to be fixed before releasing it.

Very warm & humid today, which made for a lot of scantily clad bypassers. Nice views on my mandatory looks out the window.

Straight home, 101 on ramp was moving at 55. Holiday weekend for some, not me.

Took a nap, Spook visited on the bed briefly.

Reheated chicken soup from the freezer. Took out turkey legs, chicken wings and lamb chops to defrost. Will do some cooking tomorrow.

In the mail was my pacemaker card. Still waiting for the transmitter attachment.

It took two tries to lure Theo out of the closet, but he finally came out and parked himself on one of the window cat platforms as I watched TV. Spook kept an eye on him from behind the recliner. She is still not thrilled, but he ignores her, keeps his distance, and she hasn't charged at him since their first meeting.

He just came over to the cat tree by the computer, grooming himself. I don't see Spook.

Found a (hopefully) better BT scale on Amazon. The one I just got seems to be inaccurate, and has an unreadable app. I checked with the manufacturer of the really great Weight Watchers scale, and they confirmed it can shock the pacemaker. All the best scales can, they use a conductive plate to measure bone, water and other things. Can't use any of them.

Plans for tomorrow:
Grocery Outlet for things to cook with the turkey legs. Plan to use the crock pot.
Maybe make mint sauce to fry up the lamb chops (and freeze most of them)
Dig out Nancie's recipe for Thai style chicken wings.
Mostly spend the day inside, both cats seem calmer when I'm around


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