Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Pretty Busy for Relax-a-Thon Day

Theo spent a lot of time on the bed with me last night, and Spook was passive aggressively not pleased. It didn't keep me up as much as it did the night before.

Slept in, sort of. Turned off the alarm at 7:30, made a pit stop, then back to bed. Read a bit on the tablet, finally out of bed at 10.

Slow start, didn't make it to Grocery Outlet till 11:30, but once there I bought all the things, and more. They had colorful sweet bell peppers in green, yellow and red so I got 1 each. I figured to use them in the turkey leg crock pot. Celery too. Mushrooms and onions for the lamb, garlic for both, a jar of Penang curry paste for the chicken wings. Ginger root because what I have is dried out. Chocolate mochi ice cream just because.

Home, got organized. My chef's knife didn't want to sharpen, neither did the spare. Lots of time with the honing steel didn't help much, except when I cut my finger I didn't feel it. :-(

Crock pot first. Cut up the peppers, two onions, threw in three packets of peeled garlic, 1 cup of water, laid the 4 turkey legs on top, then out to the garden and cut some oregano, rosemary and sage, then to the porch for Thai lime leaves. Piled all those on top, put on the lid and set to cook on slow for 8 hours.

Looked up Nancie's curried chicken wings recipe, added some freshly ground ginger and used the last of my Thai yellow curry paste instead of the Penang curry, and subbed peanut oil for sesame oil, used low sodium soy sauce and no salt. Doubled the recipe, am now almost out of honey & mustard. Cut the wings out of their 6 Costco packets and dumped them into a mixing bowl, poured the marinade on top and set in the fridge.

Lured Theo out from under my bed, all it took was raising it. He was curled up next to the motor. He spent the rest of the day trying out Spook's favorite perches. She tried to challenge him a couple of times, but he would not move. He also didn't fight her. I think he is mostly established as the Alpha Male™ now.

My gardens are in full bloom except for the roses, and they are budding. Poppies and Bee's Friend dominate the front, Mums and Zinnias by the mail box. Out back the basils are just hanging on, the chocolate mint is dying - I thought the compost would hold water better.


Bee's Friend

Vegged in front of the TV, Theo parked on Spook's favorite cat platform. She tried to scare him off, but gave up.

Refilled two of the hummingbird feeders, transferred both orchids to the fancy Chinese pots on top of the livingroom speakers.

Made corn dogs for lunch, but when dinner time rolled around I cut up a couple more onions and garlic and mushrooms and threw them into the cast iron skillet to caramelize, and eventually added a lot of mint leaves and cooked the four lamb steaks two at a time - after putting 2/3 of the veggie mix in storage containers.

Dinner was one of the steaks, dessert was brownies because I forgot I had mochi.

Three lamb steaks are bagged and in the freezer along with two tubs of onion/garlic/mushroom mix. The turkey legs are almost done, they will be bagged with the veggies after they cool a bit.

Right now, there is a kind of truce. Theo is on a lower tier of the office cat tree, Spook is curled up in the office doggie bed.

Spook is still not sure about this, she is remembering how I shooed her away from Zoe. But Zoe didn't have Theo's cojones. Literally.

Delivered was the cell adapter for the heart monitor. USB dongle, plug & play. The monitor downloaded from the pacemaker and uploaded to the Cardio unit as I watched. Took about 15 minutes. I will probably get some feedback on that Monday.

Paid the membership fee for next weekend's Contact Con. I may go to BASFA Monday to let the art show director know I'll be there Saturday - probably not Friday. She keeps losing her phone and doesn't read her email. 

Took the wings out of the fridge, put on latex gloves and mixed them up real well. Back in the fridge, will bake them tomorrow.

Plans for tomorrow:
April Fool's Day
Flip the calendar
Easter: aka bite the head off a chocolate bunny day
Bake the wings
Coffee with Janice. She'll have lots to tell about her trip to Bhutan
I'll try to keep pace

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