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More Cooking

Theo once again spent a large part of the night in bed with me, but he likes to sit on top of Mt. Howard, hanging on with his strong, sharp claws. I pick him up and place him next to me but he doesn't take the hint for very long.

Spook keeps an eye on him sometimes.

Up at about 9, gave Spook treats. Theo isn't interested in them. I think he has been using Spook's food, water and litterbox. Tomorrow I may take those out of the guest bedroom and put them away. The litterbox ought to be set up somewhere for a while longer, but I don't know where. Maybe the bathroom.

Spent the morning baking the curried chicken wings. It took till about 2 pm, lunch was the obligatory biting the head off the chocolate bunny & eating the whole thing. Chicken wings are in one gallon freezer bag and one quart ziplock in the freezer and one in the fridge.

Took the turkey legs out of the fridge, loaded them into 4 separate ziplocks, spooned in veggies from the crock pot for each one. Three in the freezer, one in the fridge.

Fired up Amazon Fire, and watched a freebie - Arrival. Very interesting movie, both better and worse than the trailer. Too many Amy Adams Angst™ cut-aways. Not enough separation between real-time and flashbacks to suit me, but that may have been the point. I generally don't agree with the premise that it's easier to communicate with writing than by voice, but this was a corner case, and they were lucky the aliens had a written language which could be interpreted. I totally agree, having learned four languages, that thinking in a different language re-wires your brain.

Movie ended just in time to meet Janice for coffee. She loved her trip to Bhutan, showed me lots of pictures. It's kind of like Thailand with more Chinese cultural influences.

And she made me tell her the whole pacemaker adventure.

My BP has been very low today, I think my heart has been misbehaving. If that's the case I expect to hear from Cardiology about my monitor's uploads.

Dinner while watching the news was a turkey leg with veggies, dessert was the last of the chocolate ice cream with frozen fruit chunks added.

The garbage is out by the curb, two loads of dishwasher have been done.

Whites folded and put away.

Plans for tomorrow:
BASFA if Mo doesn't bail

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