Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

It Hurts

Spent the day hurting. Not using my left arm has somehow put a cramp in my right side. But more concerning is after seriously low BP readings yesterday, they were seriously high today, and there was a pressure and distant pain in my chest near my heart.

I expected to hear from cardiology, but didn't.

I did make a vet appt for Theo, but it's not till the 21st. Vet is only open short hours on Saturdays, closed on Sundays. I've taken too much time off for myself to justify taking work time off for the cat. I expect his sneeze will be gone by then.

Other than the sneeze, and the fact that when he poops you can smell it in New Jersey, he's healthy.

Slept well but made too many pit stops. Theo was curled up against me or perched on top of me all night. Spook jumped up on the bed this morning, but as usual she didn't stay. Theo is now officially scared of her.

Not much traffic after the usual on-ramp stupidity, so I was early despite a not-early start. I brought a banana from home, but they have all new snacks, so I grabbed an egg plus a cheesewich and a beef stick and a long turkey stick. The meat sticks were way too spicy, but the cheesewich went well inside my croissant after lunch, which was chicken pesto pasta steamer bowl. Oreos for dessert.

Nothing to do at work, since the France office was closed and they rejected the firmware upgrade from Friday. Boss scheduled sync for tomorrow noon, which should mean she won't bail. And I expect another piece of hardware from her.

France did get me a valid login for the built-in cable company content, which is mostly in French. They did a horrible job dubbing Iron Chef, but there was a sexy TV show kind of like a movie turned soap which was in French. Later in the day I went to the Pluto TV app and stumbled on kick boxing from Bangkok, amateur Thais, mostly, but it was in a shopping mall and the announcers spoke American and Brit English. They used Muay Thai rules, but did away with the music and shortened the pre-fight ceremony to a bare minimum. Some of the Thai fighters looked like they wanted the music, they tried to get into a rhythm. And right about an hour before go-home time the box thought it had lost its internet connection. It had not, but I had to power cycle to get it back.

Also had to restart my Linux box, which suddenly made Opera able to play videos on web pages.

Home, light traffic again. Took a nap. Theo curled up next to me.

Up at 7, drove across the Bay to Milpitas and the basfa meeting. It was pretty boring. But people were amused by my review of pacemaker surgery.

Home, that chocolate shake raised my Hgl to 300+ so I shot up a lot more humalog and the usual lantus overnight dosage.

Other things I ordered were more lantus ($200) furosimide ($12), and on Amazon an 8TB HDD ($195) CPU fan ($15) and thermal paste ($5). The plan is this weekend to unplug the PC, open it up on the table and replace the CPU fan, then copy the RAID array contents to the 8TB HDD, remove the RAID drives (4 of them) and install the single HDD.

I may at some time in the near future buy a new motherboard and upgraded RAM in a case with P/S and transfer the drives into it. Fry's has a workshop area for that.

Plans for tomorrow:

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