Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Laptop Dance ..or When's Day?

Writing this on my laptop in the livingroom, the doors to the office are closed (a rare happening) because the cover is off the big PC and it will be cranking away all night formatting the new 8TB drive.The cover is off because I made a mistake - I thought there was another SATA connection to hook the new drive into, but the 4 RAID drives and the one SSD have taken them all. And the cover is a PIA to put back. The 8TB drive is in a Star-tech device originally meant as a drive copier, but it can also connect to a USB 3 outlet on the back of the PC, and it has a power supply to feed power to the drive(s). A standard USB-SATA connector would not let me initialize the drive, the copier did.

The plan is to copy RAID array E: to the new drive, it consists of 4 2TB drives, but only has about 4TB of content.Then the one new drive will replace the 4 smaller ones. Each small drive draws about as much power as the one big one.

Last night sleep was fleeting. Theo hung out on the bed most of the night, but there was a major but brief Spook attack at about 7. They have both been more frenetic today. But Webcams showed Spook mostly stayed in the office doggie bed and Theo in the piano room cat tree house.

Work was busy, in between two smoke tests in French STBs Boss wanted a bug chased on two others.

Lunch was turkey meatball pasta bowl and brownies.

Really bad traffic home, weather turned cold, grey and windy.

Spook was in the carport window.

Dinner was a pair of chicken liver paté on rye bread sandwiches. Dessert is still to come.

Watched the news and am appalled that once again a cop had a chance to stop a shooter before she acted, and not only did not, but made lame excuses about it. And it was a terror attack by a Muslim immigrant, not a domestic dispute. But the "news" sources are not saying that out loud.

Also watched the Penn & Teller April Fools show, a montage of other shows. Graham Norton has also been doing these.

Retired the guest room cat food & water, left the litterbox for now.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe start copying the drive, it should be formatted by then

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