Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Laptop Day 2

Weird night. Woke up three times before 1 am, then was surprised by the 7:30 alarm. Spook was on the bed to help. I have no idea where Theo was.

Out at about the right time, traffic was very stop and go even in the commuter lane.

Still I was in the break room before they stocked it. Google emailed us all that with the new snacks would come more frequent stocking, but they lied. And my garbage hasn't been collected in 2 weeks, the woman who had been doing that for the past year is nowhere to be seen. Maybe they changed vendors.

Worked on the box from yesterday, FAIL right off the bat - instead of the screen saver the unit had shut itself off, even though it was set to never sleep.

Lunch was beef teriyaki steamer & brownie bits. And a lot of noise from that pair of women who sometimes appear, one has a baby on a chest sling and the other is just a loud converser. Made it hard to concentrate on my book.

Back in the hole, finished up the smoke test & waited for boss, but she didn't show. Odd since she had been sending me assignments all day.

I'm out of things to test until China manager #1 gets me on the list for the next Android version on the James Bond machine. We are on O, this will be P. No code name yet, but it will be food. O is Oreo.

Watched a lot of YouTube, it's clear they have been filtering videos from vloggers about the shooting. I only found 2.

Home, traffic was okay. But the car had set itself on petrol mode so it still had 90% battery left. Did not take long to top up. with gas at $3.30/gal, I'm not thrilled. The rose bush with the variegated red & white flowers is blooming all over, and very aromatic. Catmints are thriving too.

The woman in charge of the Contact-conference art show is in the hospital again, she had a CT scan this morning. So probably not going to bring photos for the art show because there may not be one. I may go tomorrow evening to see. I was planning on staying home.

The 8TB drive was done formatting, I started to xcopy files from the RAID array, but forgot the /S flag the first time so it only copied the top directory. Now it's doing the whole thing. AVI files are taking a long time. But I knew they would. I tried to clone the drive, but the software I have won't clone an array. It also would not let me restore from the backup, but that's okay because the last backup was Sunday.

I put the cover back on the PC, but since Theo likes to climb on things I opened the window a crack and closed the doors again.

Webcam from work showed Spook in the bedroom doggie bed, she usually camps out in the one in the office. She had been avoiding the bedroom one for months, I don't know why. Good to see her back. Theo was mostly in the piano room tree house.

Watched episode 2 of Strange Rock, and 80% of it was in episode 1. Watched episode 3, which was mostly new. More on Monday night.

Theo was tearing around the house, being hissed at by Spook for much of the evening. All is quiet now.

Dinner was a lamb steak and green peas, brownie crumbs on frozen strawberries for dessert.

In the mail was a bottle of furosimide, which I ran out of 2 days ago.

BP and pulse have been erratic. At work bp was high and pulse was 50. At home the opposite, pulse 90. I've been feeling heavy & uncoordinated all day.

Plans for tomorrow:
work - hope the new build is accessible
maybe go to the con, it's in a Sunnyvale hotel.
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