Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Boring end to the week

Kept waking up for no reason. Sometime in the night Theo turned the tables on Spook and became the aggressor. There was some cat fight noise.

All the media hype about an incoming "atmospheric river" was a crock as far as my neck of the woods was concerned. Once again the idiots invent a phrase for all the other idiots instead of using established jargon. It's a storm. There's no river. Very light drizzle was gone by commute time. The roses got some moisture.

Work started out slowly, #1 China manager had to send a lot of clues for me to find the build he wanted installed. Finally got it, installed it and it bricked the machine. The guys next door took it to fix it, but I never got it back. So a very boring day.

Made up a new OKCupid account. Set up a new email account for it. May do the same for POF.

Home, took 101, turned out to be fast - got home in 15 minutes. Some of that was spring break.

The cats had co-existed on webcam,

but when i got home Theo was running up and down like a one-cat stampede and Spook was under the futon.

During the day, Kaiser sent the hospital bill. $855. Paid by credit card.

Lunch was BBQ beef steamer & walnuts with honey.

Dinner was fried chicken & mixed veggies & Popsicles.

Watched the news, checked the 8TB drive copy - It's making progress, is now in the Photos directory, slurping up pix from 2010. Maybe it will be done Sunday. Probably not tomorrow.

Was feeling sluggish, did not consider going to the con. Just as I started writing this my chest felt a lot of pressure, BP was way high but pulse was 70. Laid down, then did some major recycling in the john. Theo kept me company.

The crisis seems to be over, but I think the pacemaker may be tweaking too much. I think this weekend I'll just take it easy & stay home.

Watched a lot of NFL network, mock drafts and related stuff. And some gold prospecting on one channel and search for mysteries on the travel channel. 11 years old, made for Syfy originally.

Plans for tomorrow:
Take the laundry out of the dryer, maybe put it away. Maybe iron the Hawaiian shirts. Maybe stay in bed.
Check on the HDD copy
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