Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Catching Up 2- Sunday

Feeling better little by little. No food in case they needed to do a "procedure" and they had a chemically induced heart stress test scheduled for 10:30.

Nurse Ping managed to get me some graham crackers & a box of apple juice. at 8:30 (heart test needed no food for 2 hours). She was amused that Ping means toasted in Thai, and when I said k'nome pong ping was "sweet bread toasted"she said pong is also bread in Mandarin. Learn something new...

I lied. Nurse Alma put me in a wheelchair and pushed me next door to have the heart exam-stress test -heart exam. Nurse Micah (male) rolled my gurney to the CT scan yesterday.

The heart machine is a huge contraption which rotates slowly around my body. IV radiation dye inserted first.

Stress test on a gurney in another room, by the heart scan tech plus the heart stress tech.  Heart stress tech said she was teaching the class I'm in Tuesday.

Back to the heart scan for two after-stress passes, one on my back and one on my tummy.

Micah wheeled me back to the ER room.

New doc (redhead) Holmes, eventually came in and said all my tests were ok, had me walk with Micah down the hall & back, which I was able to do holding the cane but not using it.

Having done that, she signed my release papers after I decided I'd rather go home than wait for food.

Wheeled to the ER waiting room, the admin called a taxi. After 15 minutes I walked out to the pickup area. After 30 minutes I hobbled back inside, she called again. Back outside, 10 minutes later cab arrived, a real taxi this time, with all the right electronics & papers.

Home, he misunderstood and dropped me at the front steps, I wanted the carport (easier climb). Fell twice on the way to the door.

Delivered were two windshield wiper blades, in separate different-sized boxes. WTF? Ordered the same time.

It's about 5 pm.

Still using the cane, poured chicken stock & water into a pan, added won tons & small pieces of breaded chicken & egg whites.

Feeling exhausted, went to bed at 8.

Woke up at 9, thinking it was 9 am Monday and I was late for work.

Theo was a PIA all night. He kept jumping on top of me, and when I set him to the side and turned my back, he swatted with claws out a mole on my back. Had to throw him off the bed. But he was back in a few seconds.

Plans for Monday:
If I can walk, go to work
If not, call in old

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