Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic


Was able to navigate the bathroom, take a much needed shower and get dressed (slowly).

Took meds, packed a lunch, made it down the carport steps, unplugged the car and drove to work. Traffic was almost speed limit all the way.

Break room was a long, slow slog, but there were bananas, eggs, mandarins, gold diet cokes and kind bars. And French dark chocolate cookies.

To the hole, I'm the first one there.

Nothing to do all day, the test machine I bricked on Friday never got fixed. Something was wrong with the build download, not my fault. Watched a lot of antenna TV and YouTube.

Lunch was broccoli beef and two of the alleged chocolate pudding cups from the fridge.

Back to the hole, helped by one of the Chinese engineers, who took pity on the old man with a cane.

Messaged Boss that I had a 2 pm class tomorrow at Kaiser, so I won't be at our afternoon sync. She rescheduled it for 12:30.

5:30, home. Back roads because 101 was a mess.

Laptop again, caught up on email. 8TB drive copy had finished on Sunday but no time or energy to make the swap.

Theo has kept me company on the recliner when he isn't playing with a rubber band or fighting Spook.

Dinner was reheated turkey leg with bell peppers garlic & onion. And a piece of rye bread.

Earlier I refilled 6 sodastream bottles. 2 soda, 2 gold cola, 1 orange, 1 ginger ale.

Called middle sister, using the fancy BT headphones. She is visiting 1st week of May.

Hauled the shirts/sox from the dryer to the bed. May put them away tonight. Maybe.

The kitchen floor needs swiffering, the litterboxes need changing, but I have no strength.

Plans for tomorrow:
pacemaker class


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