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Yesterday's shoot out in the sun has left me with a red neck. And a slightly sunburned face. Not to worry, I have a big bottle of aloe, and I know how to use it.

Surgical strike shopping day today, in which I bought nothing that wasn't on my shopping list.

Target: dry cat food, kitty litter, a flashlight to replace the one which disappeared from my desk at work, a replacement 3-way light bulb for the one on its last legs in the bedroom, and a steering wheel cover to replace the worn out one in the car.
Petco: Aquarium Plant food, aquarium water clearer, and a 24-pack of canned cat food (salmon for seniors).
Orchard Supply: A tilt/swivel aerator/spray attachment to replace the broken one in the kitchen faucet.
Safeway: Celery and red onions.

The celery has a back story. Last night I was feeling munchy and remembered the bunch of celery I'd bought last week and kind of forgot about. Took it out of the fridge, it was not wilted or turning brown, so I put it on the chopping block and started hacking away. It was a mutant! Instead of a bunch of stalks joined at the very bottom, it was like a couple of tree trunks, with just a couple of inches of stalk at the tops. I took the stalklets , popped them into a glass of water, grabbed a jar of lite blue cheese dressing, and sat in the recliner to watch some Tivo and munch. But the stalks were about the consistency of kindling, and didn't taste much better. Feh.

Started the day at a new massage place. I have been looking for somewhere that gives a decent legit massage, but doesn't subscribe to the "we have to make you hurt to make you feel better" school of body kneading. There was an ad for a place on El Camino a few blocks from Grant which looked promising. But when I tried to pull into their parking lot, it was blocked by an asphalt truck and some workers who were re-surfacing. Parked on the street and was surprised to see they were open. Got an okay massage, not good enough to advertise for them, but close enough to what I was looking for to go back again next time. They did work out the kinks in my lower back from bending over the camera yesterday.

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