Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Overdid it

Incrementally better today. Spent too much energy trying to get Theo from jumping up on me with claws out, and then when he was lying beside me, swatting at my back with claws out. Spook watched a lot of this from the fleece blanket under the bedding rack. And there were at least two cat fights.

But eventually they both back off and manage to co-exist.

I was able to shuffle to the bathroom, pee, weigh myself (I set up the latest scale - a Nokia wi-fi. The phone app couldn't find it but the same app on the tablet did, and after that the phone app magically synced.) shower and put my teeth in all without using the cane, but it was slow and a struggle.

The new scale only measures weight, but then it goes online and calculates BMI (I told it my height during setup) and then shows me the weather for Sunnyvale for today. Cute. 

Getting dressed was also slow and mostly performed sitting down. Last night I managed to hang up all the shirts and roll each pair of sox. Lots of sitting down in between, and Theo snuck into the closet.

I knew I wouldn't have much time for lunch with Boss sync at 12:30 and Pacemaker class at 2, so I made a pair of PNB&J sandwiches, and threw in a bag of walnuts, and a croissant & cheese slices.

Traffic was okay after the on-ramp backup, I got to the break room at about 9. There were bananas & hb eggs, and a Kind bar, but no gold or red diet coke, so I got a pair of diet cherry cokes.

Nothing to do again, watched the rest of the Making of Star Wars original trilogy video on YouTube, and then ordered the blu-ray DVD set. I don't think I saw the first one in a cinema ever, and am not sure about the 3rd one. Maybe the 2nd.

Boss was late, of course, so no time for lunch, had to drive straight to Kaiser for the class.

It was educational, three victims, three different brands of pacemaker, but all installed at the same facility by the same surgeon. WTF?

2-hour class, well timed, questions happily answered during.

On the way home, ate one sandwich at stop lights (the  ones on the expressway are LONG). Stopped off at the small Chinese supermarket, got a lot of my Asian staples. Small tubs of yellow and green curry pastes, Ha Gow, shrimp won tons, and both Philippine and Chinese pork buns. As usual there was nothing in the produce area I wanted, need to go to 99 Ranch market for that.

I did the whole store, leaning heavily on the cart. Could have used a place to sit down, but somehow made it.

Home, it took 3 trips to get the lunch box & 2 bags of groceries into the house, and then i collapsed into the recliner for half an hour watching last night's news, ate a mango mochi , before I had the energy to put things away.

Nothing delivered, all the mail was junk. Yesterday there was a survey from Kaiser about my March visit, and in another envelope a check for $10 for the bogus billing.

Also ordered during work was litter cartridges. I need to change out the laundry room one, and wrap up the guest room one and put that unit back in the shed.

Dinner was the Philppine pork buns which sucked so bad 1.25 of them fed the disposal, good thing I also steamed some ha gow. Two more mango mochis for dessert.

Theo spent some time on the arm of the recliner, and then found what had been Domino's favorite perch

Watched PTI and the latest Strange Rock. Production values on the latter are superb. It's a pleasure watching.

Theo made a huge mess of the two kibble towers. I had to pour the remnants from the smaller one into the larger one, sweep up a small bucket load from the floor back into the larger one, then refill the larger one from the huge bag, spilling a lot, needed the big broom to gather that spill. The smaller one is now retired. Also refilled the water fountain reservoir.

Not enough energy to swiffer the kitchen floor, which needs it badly.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe get nails done
Maybe a quick Safeway visit for lunch meals


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