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It's a Sin to Kill a Mockingbird

Better today than yesterday than the day before. Spent most of the morning not needing the cane. But using the cane made me stoop, so my back hurts, and I have to remind myself "posture!" from time to time, especially when I start walking.

Tossed Theo out of the bedroom and shut the door. He had become incorrigible. Missed his purr and his presence, but not his claws. Used my big calico cat bolster for the first time in ages.

Up with the alarm, but went straight to the kitchen, Hgl 71, Klondiked myself and watched Good Morning Football for 20 minutes. Then did my usual morning routine minus the shower because no time.

Work, traffic was so-so. AG called but my phone never rang. Called him back after grabbing breakfast and heard about his whirlwind Florida vacation.

Nothing to do officially, but Boss had given me something to pass the time productively, install the latest release on a locally made reference device and run some Netflix tests as a comparison with a Chinese TV which was just plain ugly running them. But that only took till lunch (PNB&J, mango pudding, coconut water). Much eye candy at lunchtime, big marketing training session down the hall.

Back at the hole, decided to "test" Netflix by finally watching To Kill A Mockingbird. After a few minutes it was clear I had never seen it, not even trailers. I knew roughly what it was about, but only roughly. The ending was a total surprise, including how much of it there was after the trial. There was some find child acting, including one particular black kid who only had 2 minutes of screen time, uncredited but looks like it was a young David Crawford, who went on to a role in Day of the Dead. Robert Duvall was amazing, apparently his film debut. And Estelle Evans as the cook/maid. Mary Badham was nominated for an Oscar for her role as Scout, I think Phillip Alford as Jem deserved a nom more.

Anyhow, very impressed, but all in all it was kind of boring and not at all up to the quality of the bad guys in Inherit The Wind.

Called for a nail appointment, but had to settle for tomorrow. :-(

Home, no shopping.

PTI, 11 o'clock news from last night.

Spook has been camped out on the counter in the laundry room, Theo, who needs a better name, is on the top back of the recliner again. I changed out the laundry room litterbox, but did not pack up the one in the guest room. Maybe tomorrow.

Contract rep Eddie finally texted me, he quit Modis because they stopped letting him meet his clients. So he is with another company, and we'll have lunch a week from Friday. So I no longer have a rep.

Delivered was a 6-pack of Scharffen-Berger 82% chocolate bars.

It started raining an hour ago, sounded like a train passing through. The roses will be happy.

The yellow rose bush has a dozen buds but no flowers yet.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call from Kaiser shrink


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