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Another boring day in paradyce

Good news is I didn't need the cane today, I just had to concentrate on posture and take it slow.

AG called early, I was able to put on the headphones and make lunch and take my meds, and then transfer the call to the car's BT.

He reached work well before I did, so I was off the call somewhere toward the middle of my commute. The usual slog to the break room was interrupted by about 50 middle schoolers blocking the door I usually use, so I went around to the front and had to dodge them to get to the restroom.

Grabbed the usual breakfast, but an orange Zero water instead of just a Coke.

The hole was locked, as usual, my key still works.

No real work to do so I put the reference machine onto the test network and ran all the automated tests, then all the not-passed ones, then all the failed ones. Went from 25+ not passed to 6 fails by EOD

Scheduled call from Psych dept., had a good thorough chat, she set me up to make an appointment with a wellness coach.

Lunch was Saffron Road curried salmon, & mango pudding.

Made the wellness coach appointment online for tomorrow morning. I chose the person who had the most convenient time slot who was not obviously married to another coach. Turns out she wrote a book, and Amazon let me read the first couple of chapters. Her advice in the book is exactly what I have already done throughout my life. She calls it Four Quadrant Living. As if there can be more or fewer than 4 quadrants. Marketing dweeb, not a scientist. It's going to be an interesting conversation.

Nails, which are now blue over silver. Very striking. Shopping at Safeway, got fruit and frozen lunches. The lines were short but they were seriously understaffed.

Home, caught up Quicken on the PC, but it's still sideways so I'm on the laptop now.

Dinner was another turkey leg, smothered in bell peppers, onions and garlic. Kona coffee mochis for dessert.

Plans for tomorrow:
wellness phone session
Set an early alarm because inspector changed from Sunday at 10 to Saturday at 8.

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