Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Missions accomplished, mostly

Slept in till 9:30, took my time getting out of bed. My go-to Sonos stations, KCEA and Radio Sausalito were both playing frenetic music. These are both big band stations, and for some reason they veered away from vocals and went for the fast jazz instrumentals. Not my idea of morning music. After some digging, I re-found Seattle's KIXI, which had tunes more to my liking.

First project was to check to see if the backup was running, and it was, and as hoped it was a full backup, which started at 6:30 am and is 97% done now at 9:30 pm. That's about right, I think. The last full backup took till 2:21 AM, so it looks like the 8TB drive is faster than the RAID was.

Showered, dressed, took meds, checked email and FB, and the next project was to remove & tape up the guest room litterbox cartridge & throw it away, and then put the unit into the shed. Also moved the cat bed out to the bedroom, and put the scratching post and 3-tier ball toy out from underfoot. Basically now the guest room is no longer the warring cat room.

Spot and Spook had some words with each other a few times throughout the day, but Spot eventually found better things to do, other places to park. He has this thing for rubber bands, and I'll be darned if I know where he gets them, because I rarely use them.

Next project was drive to Great Clips, and get both my hair and beard trimmed. I used to love having long hair and a big beard, but the long hair gets uncomfortable and I messed up my beard many years ago when I bleached it, dyed it, and bleached it again. I blame the diabetes drugs. Made me crazy.

On the way home stopped at an ATM and deposited the $10 check from Kaiser, then went to Fry's for canned air, and also picked up a mounting frame for the SSD which some day I will get around to installing, but not real soon. And a USB 3.0 ext cable, because I will need to format each of the RAID drives before I can put them on eBay.

Home, Janice emailed, declined the offer of the old tablets, she's buying a new one. That's the right choice, if she can afford it, which apparently she can.

Lunch was a grilled cheese on sourdough stuffed with shrimp. Yummy!

Went online to see if Lowe's had the office lamp I wanted, the one I bought a few months ago is defective - the center threads don't line up so it leans a lot. But it's otherwise just what I wanted - actually wanted two. None were in stock, so I ordered them online - free delivery.

Saved me a trip, which is good because the wind picked up, temperature dropped and it rained a bit. Totally unexpected after such a nice morning. Also meant no chance to enjoy Baylands Park.

Took out the garbage, including the garden bin, and spent about half an hour breaking down all the boxes from the last 3 weeks.

Hauled out a large bowl and started building a meatloaf. I combined three online recipes, and added some bits of my own, such as garden grown rosemary, oregano and mint. Cloves and peppercorns ground together. Ginger. Manwich sauce instead of tomato paste. Provolone. I tried for an egg white glaze, but that didn't work, just gave me an egg white border. Apparently did not use enough Panko, because it was a little too crumbly, but boy did it make a delicious dinner. Chocolate Lactaid ice cream with nuked frozen strawberries for dessert, while binge watching Long Island Medium. When I lived on long Island, I was an extra-large. aka husky.

Other than that I took it slow today, Spot has been relatively quiet. He stayed in a closet long enough for Spook to get her treats, drink from the water fountain and eat from the food tower. Both of them spent time on the laundry room counter. Right now Spot is asleep on the office cat tree and Spook is asleep on the top tier of the piano room cat tree.

Yesterday Janice suggested adult ed classes as a way to be with people, but searching online, they all started a month ago. :-(

Plans for tomorrow:

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