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Y'all know my morning routine. This morning add cutting two big slices of meatloaf for lunch. Overnight in the fridge and it solided up, and is now the consistency of actual meat loaf. A last minute addition to the mix was sliced baby carrots, and since they went in raw they add a lovely crunch.

Late getting out the door, blame the massive hail storm. Apparently the earthquake hit about the same time as I reached the hole. I didn't feel it, but it was small <4. 1989 and 1965 I was in 7+ ones. Those I felt.

Again nothing to do, so watched a lot of YouTube.

Message from a consulting firm's recruiter for a job which sounds like mine. Turns out is was mine. Sort of. Boss is hiring someone to help me set up an automation rig. She doesn't get it that I know how to do that myself. And have plenty of time.

Home, raining again, no BASFA for me, didn't want to mess with traffic.

Dinner was lamb steak with mushrooms & onions, my last batch. Vanilla lactose free ice cream by Bryers, sprinkles only, did not want to mess with walnuts or chocolate syrup. Tasted fine. But not as fine as mint chocolate chip or chocolate.

Hooked up the first RAID drive to the Star-tech housing, because the PC did not recognize it connected to the plain USB cable. Initialized it and am formatting it, full format which was a mistake because it will be going all night.

Binge watched Long Island Medium again, until it started repeating last night's. Tried to play last night's Lost Lives, but it had recorded LIM instead. Boo Hiss.

Spot has been a PIA tonight. He tried to climb up the tree Spook was on, and though they both made fight noises, he backed off when I admonished him. I gave Spook a meat stick for her staunch defensive moves. Spot has found yet another pair of rubber bands.

Plans for tomorrow:
Probably go to Hole #2 with a bricked device. And see if a big TV from before jury duty is ready to test.


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