Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Second Monday

Today was mostly lather...rinse..repeat, except Boss actually showed up for our 3:30 sync - at 5.

We had a good chat, and veered off into musical theater, she has been a producer and stage manager.

Call from the loan arranger that I need to acknowledge some email from the lender. Will do that when I get home. Turns out the lender is the same as my current one. One main reason to refinance was to ditch them. :-(

Lunch was Saffron Road mango chicken, which was like mango pot thai. Pretty good, but too small a portion. Melon slices and chocolate pudding for dessert. 

Home, bad traffic because sync ran late.

Delivered was the Star Wars trilogy Blu-ray set. Not delivered were the lamps from Lowe's.

In the mail was a letter from another loan company saying to call, they will beat any deal.  I will do that.

Email from the lender included the appraisal, which said the house is worth $220,000. My loan is for about half that.

Dinner was curried chicken wings & mixed veggies. Chocolate ice cream with walnuts for dessert.

Spook has been quiet all day, spent most of it on the futon while Spot was mostly under the bed or in the bedroom closet. This evening there were some catfight noises, but no actual fighting. Spook switched to the piano room cat tree and Spot ran all over the house.

Watched PTI, the 6 o'clock news and some of the Weather Channel's Highway Through Hell, where one tow company showed a total lack of understanding of basic physics, while another did understand, and called for help to separate a too-heavy-for-his-rig feed truck from a van.

Spot is in the process of discovering the cat tree's pillars are scratching posts, and easy to shimmy up. And now he's gone.

Barbara Bush has left the planet. 92 years. The country would have been better off if she had never given birth. And if she had kept her husband out of politics.

Plans for tomorrow:
Put together the two new lamps

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