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419 Day

I had, until a year ago, thought the reason we called marijuana day 420 is because that was the number of the referendum to legalize it in California. Turns out it was nothing of the sort. A bunch of stoners who thought they had been told of a secret pot patch decided to go in search of it after football practice. They would meet by a statue near the school at 4:20 pm several times to start their search.

They never found it. One of them says they were probably too stoned.
Got distracted by videos on the tablet from 7:30 this morning until 9:30. Way late for work, but it didn't matter because the manager who had the remote doesn't get in till after 10.

So I grabbed breakfast, ate it in The Hole, gathered my visit kit and drove over to Hole 2, where there were actual parking spaces in front, thanks to re-striping the back parking lot last weekend with more and wider spaces. Most of my team works upstairs, and the back stairs are more direct than the front ones.

The TV to test was indeed not transportable, it had no back cover and needed two kludge AC connections. I had what should have been a comfortable sofa to test from, but the pickup for the remote was picky, so I had to sit at an awkward angle to get it to register.

And it was a very low sofa, so getting up after an hour was very Walter Brennan-ish.

Brought my lunch box, broccoli beef steamer bowl & mini fudge mint oreos. Boss made some fleeting appearances, but was mostly upstairs in meetings.

After lunch I had a chance to chat with the way too cute blonde Russian contractor* who works for a vendor company. Boss wanted me to find out what kind of arrangement she had, since vendors don't get laid off after 2 years. Turns out she works for the same India company which had contacted me the other day. She is not pleased with them, and recommends sotto voce that I not go that route. I will take that advice, and let Boss know it's not a company I would be comfortable working for. LinkedIn showed that my rep would be based in Mumbai. No thanks. *Of course she is happily married.

Wrapped up the testing at about 3 pm, the manager for that machine gave me a device to run the full Android compatibility test suite on, back at the Hole. Since sync was scheduled for 3:30, pinged Boss, but she said she wold drop by the Hole at 5.

She didn't. I stayed till after 6, since I had arrived late.

Back in the Hole, set up the test, it will probably run till Sunday. It's hands-off. Doesn't interfere with anything else.

Fired up Groupon, and found a faux silver chain for $10 - I've been looking for one, want to start wearing my Thai lion pendant, maybe. Did not want to buy it from work, though.

Home, traffic was sparse except for 237, so I took the IFH exit instead.

Almost started making dinner, but at after 7 decided to go to Lowe's and return the extra lamp first. Easy return. They were so nice I figured I'd finally buy a car wash kit from them, but they no longer have anything automotive. :-(

Back home, no mail, no deliveries. Bought the chain online. Almost bought a ticket for the improv show Saturday night, but the ticket service wanted almost $3 for a $10 ticket. I'll buy one at the door.

Also got a reminder of Spot's vet appointment Saturday morning. I need to pull out his paperwork and grab a stool sample just before I go. And need to change his name on the vet's records.

Dinner was steamed baked pork buns and a few ha gow. Popsicles for dessert. Watched PTI & the 6 o'clock news. Tonight they had two tall blonde spokesmodels anchoring. They mostly stood in front of the podium, the older one from time to time looking at the younger one like she was in a real-life All About Eve. The more she glanced over the older she looked. And the more makeup she seemed to be wearing. They are the same height, nearly identical builds, wearing dresses which were very different colors but the same basic design.

Spook was on the laundry counter until Spot tried to pick a fight. I don't know where she is now. In a closet probably. Spot is asleep on the tree next to me.

Plans for tomorrow:
Probably watch 420 Festival coverage onlne

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