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Timesheet Day Again

Up with the alarm, but it was a fraught night, had to throw Spot out of the bedroom when he wouldn't stop attacking my back with his claws. Let him back in a couple of hours later, but tossed him out again soon. 4 am let him back in during a pit stop and he behaved himself until he got bored and went elsewhere.

Out early, packed a light lunch just in case Eddie canceled. AG phoned as I was getting on the freeway, we had a good chat. He decided not to continue interviewing with Google because Amazon has him working too hard. Sheesh.

Grabbed breakfast, checked the automation test, it was still running on an android phone. No other work to do, not a word from Boss. Odd, she usually apologizes for not showing up.

Noon, met Eddie, my second former contract rep, for lunch at the lovely bistro on the edge of Shoreline Lake. Talked about everything, caught him up on my medical marathon, and he caught me up on his job change. He has landed in a smaller place with more responsibility. He will look into having his company hijack me, but stay in the same job.

Back at the Hole, watched a lot of TV and YouTube, looking for 420 Festival reports, but they were few and not very well done. No live streams, which surprised me.

As I was watching, all kinds of noises came out of the test phone, even though I had muted it, the test un-mutes to test the alarms and touchpad sounds. Annoying.

Made up for the boredom by shopping. Windshield wiper blades - this time OEM so they will fit - a flow-through car wash mop & soap because at $26 a car wash it will pay for itself, and the drought is over. Re-stocked Kind bars because the break room is being stingy with them. And a set of folding plates and bowls meant for camping but good for when I bring homemade food for lunch.

Left at 5:30, that test will run for at least another day, maybe 2.

Lots of traffic. Home at about 6. Nothing delivered and only junk mail.

My back is hurting a lot, taking Tylenol more than I want to. Meat loaf on sourdough for dinner, chocolate ice cream with newly re-discovered maraschino cherries (they were in the back of the fridge).  Watched the latest episode of One Strange Rock. They keep being excellent. And the 6 o'clock news had two sand-ins anchoring. Both were okay but not spokesmodels, and probably not far out of their internships. They had an OK 420 festival segment, but only OK because the festival had closed down at 4:30 and they only had one brief shot of the peak when 30,000 people were making artificial fog. Thankfully, the feds stayed away.

Spot spent much of that splayed across the right arm of the recliner.

He managed a well-timed #2, which I double-bagged and set on the laundry room counter with his adoption paperwork. His carrier is in the livingroom with Zoe's blanket inside. Later, he was totally miffed to see his poop missing from the litterbox.

Spook poops small bits while sitting, and buries them from every angle, and they are mostly non-aromatic. Spot stands with his front paws on the frame, extended as much as he can, and drops one HUGE steaming pile which can be smelled in New Jersey (in fact it smells a lot like New Jersey) and leaves it, for the world to see and smell.

The new office lamps are very bright, so I've aimed them at the walls and ceiling. Much better.

I have a new go-to Sonos station, 1940's Radio, from the UK, on TuneIn. https://tunein.com/radio/1940s-Radio-s284305/
I test the TuneIn app on all the Android boxes at work. But I usually play Thai and Hebrew stations.

Plans for tomorrow:
Up on time
Pack Spot into the carrier. 10 am vet appointment
Home, re-pot the orchid and water all the plants
7:30 pm The Pear for the 8 pm improv show
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