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Slippery Slope

Spot fought like mad to not be put into the carrier. The one I got for him at adoption time is too small and stupidly designed - a dozen screws hold the top to the bottom. Finally got him inside and into the car and to the vet. He yelled for about the first mile, then mostly quieted down.

In the exam room he was okay at first, but when the tech went out and we were waiting for the doctor, he hid under the bench. When they moved the bench he moved with it. I was able to grab him and get him back onto the exam table. From then on he was nice & quiet. Doc said he's in excellent health, the techs trimmed all his claws, and they had to take the carrier apart to get him back in. Weird, because my other cats have always zipped right in after the exam.

No shots needed, and the only charge was for the claw trim, since he's a new adoptee. They will call Monday with the poop report.

Home, he was leery about leaving the carrier for a minute, but then realized he was home.

Spook meanwhile spent most of the day cowering under the futon. Spot has her spooked. I've been spray training him, but it hasn't quite internalized yet.

Did a load of whites, for once using the whole presoak, prewash and full wash with bleach. When I took them out of the dryer and started preparing them to be put away, two had to be tossed due to nasty stains. Grrr. Spot tried to "help" but after a few times being pushed away, he just watched.

Lunch was grilled cheese.

While I was on the computer, Spot found out the hard way that climbing the cat tree via the posts is not really possible without claws.

Turned on Tivo, and channel surfed. Pac12 network claimed it was showing the UW spring game, so I tuned in, but they only showed the individual training sessions and a lot of interviews, then the Big Insult™ they switched to the Wazoo spring game and then the U of OR spring game. Gag me.

Spot joined me for a while.

Sat out on the porch watching bees and hummers till it got too hot.

7-ish, drove to the Pear theater, saw the improv show. About the same quality as last time, except one especially annoying actress was annoying. Only one female in the cast was not banded, and while she is the prettiest, I suspect she's gay. Too young for me anyway. After the show they served really good chocolate cake & champagne, I went out on the patio and had a nice chat with a woman who came from Berkeley because her friend had a friend in the cast. Adorable, but married. And in Berkeley, which is a long walk from here.

Home, threw together some chicken stock, a couple of small pieces of breaded chicken and about 10 wontons. Added thyme & black pepper. Vanilla ice cream for dessert.

Spot's latest habit is to camp out in the shower when I'm on the john:

Took my meds and shot up, and had to spray Spot, who was chasing Spook away from the food & water. Spot is on the office tree again, Spook is probably under the futon or in the closet again.

Delivered were two boxes of Kind bars.

Plans for tomorrow:

Nothing till coffee at 5:30 w/Janice in MV
No trout fishing as hoped - season doesn't start for another week

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