Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Doctor chat and another bricked machine

Up with the alarm, did the full morning routine except I forgot to shoot up my baseline insulin. Not critical, just needed more pre-meal doses.

Called AG, but lost him when he had to drop his son off @ school.

Grabbed breakfast, ate it in the hole. Flashed this morning's build on the test phone and started testing it. Chinese lead engineer messaged that the James Bond machine was in the room next door, ready to go. I got it but it had an older build than manager wanted to test. Put new build on, and bricked it. Which is when lead engineer messaged that Manager had bricked his too and filed a bug. Critical files missing from the build zip file. Looked up the bug and added myself to the cc list, and somehow refrained from sending a nastygram to Manger. Was able to revive the Bond machine using an older build on a USB drive, but I'm stuck until they fix the file set.

But I did use it to watch Doctor Phil deal with a severe anorexic young woman and her over-controlling guardians. Mom is supermodel pretty and stepdad looks like those twin astronauts. Daughter has gorgeous eyes, and strikes me as very intelligent despite the eating disorder.

Also found the K-POP channel.

Lunch was some off brand of Pot Thai, tofu, vegan. I should have read the label more carefully. It sucked. Everything about it was wrong. Fruit chunks for dessert.  Several people working in the break room, all my favorite spots were taken. 

Back in the hole, with half an hour until, Boss canceled our sync.

Phone test was still running when I left.

Traffic was horrible on all the routes. I should have hung out in one of the cafeterias for an hour.

Home, delivered was the Fedex envelope with the loan papers. Way too many things to sign. The cover page asked for pay stubs, which they already have. The detailed charges showed they lied to me, and the monthly fee is more not less than what I have now. Will call them tomorrow and WTF them about the pay stubs and including insurance and tax deductions. And will probably cancel the refinance and wait until the balloon bursts and refinance directly with the mortgage company.

Also delivered was the rent/utils bill. Electric usage went up, gas went down. Water went up - how? I haven't been watering, and been doing less laundry/dishes.

Dinner was oven heated leftover pizza. Dessert was popsicles.

Watched PTI and the news.

Spent some time in the guest room with the water sprayer, training Spot to stay away from Spook. He has these little catnip filled mice he loves. Easy to carry around in his mouth. Did I mention he has discovered cat treats? Until last night he ignored them and left them for Spook, but now he vacuums them up as soon as I pour them out. So I grab a handful and toss them in front of the futon for Spook.

Interesting serendipitous FB thing. Two people, one in Mass and one in WA shared the same poem. They are both redheads. They posted to friends only, so can not see each other's post.

Plans for tomorrow
Call the loan officer (LinkedIn says she is also a dental assistant with radiology and CPR certs)
Call for a nail appointment
Get nails done after work

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