Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Bad For My Blood Pressure

It was one of those days. Took too long to get out of bed and out the door. Traffic was slow all the way. 10 minutes to get from the dotted line to my exit on 101. Lots of bikes chained to trees in front of the break room building - turns out it was take a rug rat to work day, and there were kid's events in both conference rooms.

In the Hole, phone automation was still running, which is good. Chinese engineers came over from next door several times to update James Bond, but they didn't have the right build so I sent them away.

Called the admin for the loan brokers to ask who Daniel and Shirley were that she wanted pay stubs for them. An hour later she called back, and said "oops, I was in too much of a hurry to get the papers to you". In other words, she sent me someone else's cover page. Then I asked why the monthly payment was higher than what I am paying now - they were not supposed to withhold insurance and property tax. She had no answer. I told her the deal was off, I was canceling.

An hour later or so, her boss called, saying she heard the admin and I had a confrontation. Well, no, your admin made a serious mistake, and you lied to me about the monthly payment. Told her they were incompetent. Loan boss got all defensive, so I hung up on her. I did not need that.  

Used the Bond machine to watch the 49ers YouTube updates, including the GM's press conference on the draft, and several interviews with players who have signed up for this coming season.

Called for a nails appointment but my person is on vacation this week. I know they have two others who could do it, but they didn't offer. So I Yelped and found a place on my way home I used to go to till I moved to Santa Clara. She recognized my voice, and made a 6 o'clock appointment.

Lunch was the leftover tuna helper and cut fruit. Very strange, there was a huge platter of cut fruit left out for all takers, apparently meant for breakfast for the parents & kids in the conference rooms, but I had my own. Downloaded a book a friend wrote. Daughter of famous sci-fi writer Marion Zimmer Bradley and a convicted pedophile, she says her mother abused her, not her dad. He preferred boys. I met Moira decades ago when she was a regular at filk concerts with her golden voice and full sized concert harp. I've also been to some of her coffee shop and house concerts. It's almost impossible for me to reconcile the Moira I know with the one writing the book. Even though she has made most of these revelations to me in person.  She Found God™ (raised to be a pagan) and is now married.

Back in the Hole, finally let the guys nextdoor take James Bond. Last I saw is they had bricked him too.

Out the door at 5:35, arrived at the nails place - in very slow traffic and one inconsiderate a-hole who made  a bunch of us miss the light at a very long-light intersection - at 10 to 6. Took a seat, and immediately heard one of the hairdressers talking to me in Thai. She's a kick, and I had somehow forgotten about her. We had quite a long conversation which lasted two haircuts. Finally at 6:15 got called over for the manicure. Lots of confusion over colors, finally just got a clear gel top.

Home, 237 was almost at the speed limit. Been using that instead of 101, it's shorter and usually faster.

On the carport steps were the OEM windshield wipers, which I installed after some difficulty. Turned out the removal is not the reverse of installation. They slide up and out when a pair of tabs are squeezed together, but they snap in.

The yellow roses have finally bloomed, so I took a lot of snapshots for FB.

This bud's for my big sister, whose late husband loved yellow roses.

Hunkered down to the computer and wrote a letter to the loan boss, including two examples of her incompetence, and a copy of the "cancel this loan" form. The original is in an envelope headed for the mortgage company. I'll talk to them about refi when the rates go up. I filed the other paperwork.

Watched PTI and the news. Dinner was curried chicken wings on a piece of sourdough. Chocolate ice cream for dessert.

Spook has come out of her hole twice, but runs back to it when she sees Spot. I couldn't even get her to come out after shutting Spot in the bedroom. This isn't the way I'd planned it. I may have to close the guest room to all cats.

Plans for tomorrow:
Palo Alto for South Bay Peace Corps alumni hangout. It's a bit of a drive, but probably worth a try.

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