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Late for a good reason

Actually I was up early, and at work early despite a lot of commuter lane foo. There's no visible enforcement, and trucks are using the diamond lane. Boo, hiss.

The usual routine, then checked the test phone, the test suite was still running, as expected. In fact it was still running when I left, a good 3 hours longer than expected. I'm pretty sure that's a good thing.

No other work to do all day, almost.

Lunch was beef merlot steamer, and big chunks of fruit.

Toward the end of the day Europe sub-manager asked me to re-test a unit with a new build, but she didn't provide the new build. I set up the box, will ping her in the morning. Meanwhile James Bond is still on the injured reserve list, they changed the way the files are arranged in the new release, and it messed things up royally.

5:30 hopped in the car for the long slog to Palo Alto. Had to park several blocks away in the city hall garage, but they have chargers, so I was able to snag a space quickly and plug in.

Long walk to the RPCV hangout, The Patio is a nice place, but way too noisy. Five of us at final count, one served in Kazakhstan, one in Mali, one in Senegal and one in the Dominican Republic. The two who served in Africa could almost speak each other's "native" language. We had the usual exchange of "what did you do there? How was the food?" and it was great to socialize. This is only once a month so the search for social activities continues. Janice had suggested adult ed, but those classes started a month ago, and next quarter is two months or more away.

Started looking into getting a Chevy Bolt as my next car. Sent queries through web site which went to all the dealers within 25 miles. Got quick responses from most of them. One nasty thing is they don't offer a built-in nav system. They expect you to link Google Maps and other apps from your phone. The car has a wi-fi connection somehow (satellite, maybe) so it's not eating your data plan. But I'll need a demo to see if I can live with it. One admin suggested an after-market unit, but there are none for that car yet. I used to have a Kenwood in the Corolla, but it had a lot of issues. Not something I need to figure out right away, my current lease goes through March I think. Found it on my statement. Feb 6 2019. 9 more payments. 3 more months before I need to worry.

Home, 101 was pretty crowded for a Thursday 8:30 pm. Delivered was a BBQ fork. Can't believe I didn't have one. Totally pooped, put my feet up in the recliner for a bit. Gave Spook treats. I had closed the guest room door last night, and she has spent all day on top of the piano room tree.  Last night I spray-trained Spot away from there. I think he's getting the message, but Spook isn't.

PTI was pre-empted by  Sports Center and Tivo recorded the NFL draft at the wrong time - just in time for the final round 1 pick. I'll have to check on NFL.com for the results. Set up to record tomorrow's session. Kind of peeved, because Tivo is supposed to keep track of changes to a show's time and channel. PTI was probably moved to ESPN 2.

Dinner was a grilled cheese sandwich on rye, this time I remembered the mustard. Vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup & sprinkles. We had calamari at the hangout, but not much.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe get that new build & re-test


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Apr. 27th, 2018 10:09 am (UTC)
I, too find socializing to be challenging since Roy is gone. Playing bridge once or twice a week helps, but not really a social thing for me, more competitive. Luckily I have a few friends who are around when they are not cruising, which is more their thing than mine. Now I have a part time job, but don't see many folks there. I make myself go out sometimes, but am becoming kind of a hermit I think. Hope the cats start to like each other, what a pia. Lucky for me all my greys have liked each other, I even think Honey might be a little lonely when I am gone.
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