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Not a total loss

Up on time, Spot wanted to play fetch, so we did for a while, then he parked himself between me and the edge of the bed so I had to move him to get out.

Took back roads, once again some Uber jerk cut in front of me to block the right-turn at the IFH, longest light in the area. The last mile on the freeway could have been worse.

No bananas in the break room. Chalk it up to mismanagement. I'll have to start buying my own again.

In the Hole, asked Europe about the new build, turns out both of them are here. Boss chimed in that she had a new version of the box, and would bring it over. She didn't. Typical.

Meanwhile the phone was still cranking away at its test after 74 hours so manager said put yesterday's build on and use the new automation bits. Turned out I was already using the latest, we were misled by China product manager.

Lunch was sweet & sour chicken steamer bowl & fruit chunks.

Watched the NASA channel, they played Pence swearing in the new administrator. Despite the media lies, this guy is hella qualified. Flew fighters for both the army and navy, served on a planetarium board, has an MBA. Apparently the NASA staff likes him, there was an immediate standing ovation when they wrapped up the meeting. At the end, the NASA TV folks played a Sousa march, and I know I have played it but couldn't put my finger on it. It wasn't the VP's official march (which is kind of a downer). Turned out to be The Washington Post. The Baritone horn part is kind of tricky, but sounds great when you get it right.

YouTube led me to a rather amazing clip from 2 years ago. Let It Go (from Frozen) in 25 languages. The editing is seamless.

And that led me, of course, to the Thai singer, Gam who is DDG in this traditional Thai classical dance inspired costume:

Her style is very old school, with glottal pauses, wavers and "n" sounds.
There's also a link from there with her singing Let It Go in concert. Which amuses me because there is no snow ever in Thailand.

BP was low but pulse was way high. 119. It stayed up there all day. Freaky. I can feel it.

Home, delivered were long-awaited gadgets which snap onto a soda can and make it like a bottle. But first, the car was out of washer fluid, so I filled it up. 

Took my BP again, more normal but pulse is still way high. I suspect someone is tweaking the pacemaker. If it's still high tomorrow I'll call. Meanwhile I pushed the button on the monitor to send the data to the doctors.

Made fish fillets and egg rolls, both go for 16 minutes at 425°. Sweet chili sauce for the egg rolls, homemade tartar sauce for the fish. Popsicles for dessert.

Broke out the laptop and charged it up, and installed a bunch of updates.

Spook had been making some progress, coming down to the lower porch-facing platform, but Spot chased her off when I wasn't looking, and when I tried to pet her she swiped at my hand. She still has claws.

I did see her on webcam at the food & water last night while I was in bed petting Spot.

Watched a lot of the NFL draft, but it's dead boring talking heads and college clips of the draftees. The actual pick takes 30 seconds. Gave up at #52.

Printed the rent check.

Took a flattened U-haul box from the guest room and loaded it with old electronics, including a very heavy UPS, and somehow got it down to the car. Then saw three old Tivo boxes in the livingroom cabinet, and put those in the trunk too. That was a lot of work, proof I'm only about 80% back from the pacemaker debacle.

Got email confirming an appointment at Boardwalk Chevy Sunday afternoon. Want to look at a Bolt, and see if the lack of a nav system is a show stopper. I still have 9 months on my Ford lease, and plan to hold onto that. Maybe not if I don't find a job to replace my current contract.

Made the mistake this morning of having an online loan finder find me lenders, got phone calls immediately, but bottom line when I finally called/emailed back is none of them will loan on a home that is on leased land. I have until December to refi, this time I'll either do it directly with my mortgage company or ask the realtor who found me the current loan to help.

Plans for tomorrow:
Drop off the rent check
SMART station, recycle the electronics
Maybe hang out at the park & read
afternoon - pick up the Sharks jacket. Probably just in time for them to be knocked out of the playoffs.
Steaks are thawing, ought to fry them up & freeze them. I need more freezer bags.
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