Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Ups and Downs

Did not manage to get out of bed till almost noon. I have no idea how that happened. Good thing I had "staged" most of my recycle trip the night before. Added the four former RAID array drives.

Dropped off the rent check. Most of the parking spaces by the community center were taken, but there was no one inside. I guess people are using those spaces for extra cars. Sad because most carports here are big enough for 2 SUVs. #8 has 4 cars, three fit in the carport and one gets parked on the street outside the mobile home park.

Recycle center was crowded, someone hitched a trailer to his van to load up with compost. There was enough compost in the pile for 4 trailers. It took me a while, but I put most of the stuff into the misc. electronics bin, batteries and CFL bulbs have their own baskets.

Overcast and windy, so I scrapped any plans to hang out in the park.

Home, did some gardening. Pulled a bunch of weeds, and when I got up I couldn't get my legs under me, backpedaled until I hit the side of the stairs. Fell and hit my head. Went inside and applied tylenol, and I had a cold pack in the fridge from yesterday's oven burn.

Eventually drove to Lowe's and bought 5 strawberry plants and a bag of steer poop. Put those in the trunk for later and drove to the place which was putting a new zipper on my Shark's jacket. They had cleaned it, but had not done the zipper. Come back in an hour, they said. It was 2:45.

Home, poured the manure onto an area by the shed where I'd grown tomatoes, and planted the strawberries in there. Inside, cut up some onions & garlic & caramelized the onions. Turned off the heat at about 4, and went to claim my jacket. It was still not done (she had interrupted the project mid-sew to work with two guys who were having suits altered. I went outside to wait, the weather had turned nice and their sofa was impossibly low. Discovered a "secret" trail between their fence and the apartment fence next door.

Finally got the jacket. They did a nice job on the zipper, but the cleaning just scratched the surface. The zipper was the main thing.

Home, finished the onion project, and went outside to collect sage, rosemary, oregano and mint from the garden, and bay leaf & Thai lime leaf from the porch. Used the spice grinder to make a mix of them. Added cloves and peppercorns to the mix.

Took the steaks out of the fridge, they were mostly thawed. Buttered the cast iron skillet and cooked them 2 at a time, using the spice mix as a rub. The thermometer said they were medium, but they are pretty thick, and the one I had for dinner was rare. Tasted fine. The other 5 are in the fridge because I'm out of freezer bags. And I will probably slice some of them up before I freeze them.

Watched rounds 2-3 of the draft, used FF a lot. Also watched the latest Graham Norton

Turned the laser toy on, Spook didn't play because Spot was lying in the path of the beam, mostly ignoring it. I had to spray him a few times today when he started bothering Spook. But now that the guest room is closed, she is getting closer to normal. 

Plans for tomorrow:
Safeway, I have a list
1 pm, Boardwalk Chevy to look at a Bolt
Maybe Costco. But probably not
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