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Shopping x 2

Up at 7 or so, Spot wanted to play fetch again. He has this white plastic zip tie from a package my office lamp came in, it's U-shaped with one end open. Maybe 6" long. He plants it next to me on the bed, I throw it down the hall, he brings it back. He'll also do this with his tiny catnip mice. 7:30 or so I stopped playing and did my morning routine.

Had some Safeway shopping to do, so I drove out to the big one and bought way too much stuff. But I also got everything on my list.

Home, put everything away, sort of. The bag of tangerines was too big for my hanging basket, so some of those are in a bowl on the microwave.

Labeled 8 of the newly purchased quart freezer bags, put a small steak in each of the first three, sliced the two big ones up (I'll make something like satay out of those) into two more bags, and now have a mislabeled bag because I ate the 8th steak last night. I should get a small gas grill.

Noon, headed for Redwood City for my appointment with the sales guy. Got there in half an hour, which kind of blew me away. For some strange reason my car's GPS thinks I'm in Michigan when I ask it to find a destination in a city. I spent 15 minutes searching for and not finding that setting. If I ask it to find something nearby, it does, but this dealership is new and not on its list. 

12:45, walked into the dealership and told them I was early for an appointment, and they said the guy was a no-show, and they had someone else show me a Bolt. He did a good job, spent half an hour with me, both showing the car and chatting. I was impressed that unlike my Ford, the Chevy immediately found the android app on my phone as soon as I plugged it in. Google Maps came right up so did phone contacts & history. But Google Maps did not know about my previously saved locations.

The seats are basic, not as comfortable as the Ford, but the premier edition is nicer. That's what I would get because it has a lot more safety features, such as front, side & back cameras, parking assist, turn signal lights on the side view mirrors.

I'll probably go to a different dealership, though. Depends on the lease offer. There's a dealership further up the peninsula which has emailed me super-low lease rates.

Home, relaxed on the porch. Saw that the smaller Thai lime tree was infested with some kind of little bugs, and the regular lime tree next to it hasn't grown at all, so both of those are in the garden recycle bin.

Lou was outside, we haven't chatted in a while, so I went over and did so. Turns out his wife is having serious back pain, and can't tolerate having her head in the MRI, so diagnosing is a problem. I caught him up on my pacemaker adventures.

Speaking of which, my pulse was up at 120 again this evening.

Had to do a lot of Spot removal, he was especially obnoxious with Spook. I'm not sure if I can embed the video here, but let's try:
I finally spritzed him, and he jumped clear across to the other cat platforms and into the office.

Did laundry, Spot helped me put sheets on the bed, and tried to steal some socks.

Made way too much tuna salad. There are 6 sandwiches in the freezer and two in the fridge, plus three ziploc single serving tubs in the freezer. This time I set the empty cans out for Spot. He also licked up a splatter of Miracle Whip. Spook won't touch human food.

Watched the latest One Strange Rock episode. Some rare footage of the hoarder base known as Mir. The theme was "everything dies - and is re-used." Amazing series.

Channel surfed to the NFL channel, and found this gem:

Shot at Lucasfilms, I think.
Also found a interesting PBS special on an ethnic food mall in LA, mostly Korean and Filipino, and a South American immigrant who got hired by one of those fru-fru chefs where you need a microscope to see the (very pretty) food.

Dinner was meat loaf discovered in the freezer while putting other stuff away, and chocolate mochi for dessert. And a slice of black forest cake while I typed this.

Finally got the ironing board out and took care of a backlog of about a dozen Hawaiian shirts. My back was not kind to me, I had to sit down for a minute after each shirt.

Plans for tomorrow:
Ping Boss - I may need to go to Hole 2 to get the new hardware. Also must tell her about Tuesday AM cardiologist appointment

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