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The usual morning routine, played fetch with Spot, this time he brought me one of the tiny catnip mice. I bought a package of 12, tossed two into the livingroom toy stash, but he somehow found them in a corner on the kitchen counter and 6 are liberated.

At work early, the phone test failed after only 10 hours (should have gone at least 40). Reported that, and it was the only actual work all day. No word from Boss or London managers.

Lunch was a tuna salad sandwich and cantaloupe chunks. Mostly quiet in the break room.

Watched some Twitch and YouTube on a European STB. Caught up on the draft results. Opened a chat session on ford.com and was given a fix for my car thinking I was in Michigan. Went out to the car and applied it, and it worked. Also looked up Hot Thai Kitchen's recipe for satay. Way more and different spices than I'd used on the steak.

5:30 headed home, traffic was slow and stopped all the way. Three long lights to wait through because people get their heads buried in their cell phones and don't notice the light has changed. The left turn arrow order is non-intuitive.

On the webcam I saw Spook at the water dish, ignoring Spot. But she was back on the tree when I got inside. She is making progress, though.

Tonight's project was making the marinade for satay, cutting up the slices from the two big steaks, and marinating them.
Thai lime leaves
White pepper
Black pepper
Brown sugar
Coconut milk
(set in the fridge overnight)

Strange but true, I had all the ingredients on hand. I even have skewers. Last night I ordered a stovetop grill. When that arrives, there will be satay. The peanut sauce is easy. Actually, it may have to wait - middle sister arrives Wednesday afternoon.

Watched PTI and Lost Lives. And just a snippet of Athletes DWTS, where the women are in scanty sexy outfits. Or at least some are. Mirai Nagasu's outfit left little to the imagination. No idea why this show gets high ratings.

Plans for tomorrow:
9 am, cardiologist appointment. If he asks how I am, the answer is:
- Angry
- Frightened
- Betrayed
Work after that. If Boss doesn't show up for sync, I'll go over to Hole 2 to get the hardware


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