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But first, woke up early and got to Kaiser in time to have the blood draw and then wait too long for the cardiologist. I told him of my anger & fear, and he was in total denial that my walking issue had anything to do with the misadjusted pacemaker. Turns out he had not looked at my uploads, but when he saw them as I watched he was freaked out by the 150 pulse he saw. Bottom line is he put me on a different slow down the heart pill, on the theory that if it goes too low the pacemaker will kick in.

We'll see.

Work, ran the tests on the new hardware, which also had newer software. But maybe not newest because some show-stoppers remained.

Middle sister messaged that she arrived early, was luggaged and carred and heading for her hotel.

Home, more horrific traffic, talked to Lee next door while waiting for sis to arrive.

Spook was on the piano room tree but took off for the bedroom closet as soon as sis walked in. Spot was reluctantly social at first, then he warmed up to her pretty well. She has cats, and knows the drill.

We chatted about health things and work things and she gave me some swag from her work. I'll take her to my swag center tomorrow.

Spook came back out after sis left, I had to spray Spot a couple of times to make him back off.

Dinner was the last piece of fried chicken, with peanut butter dip & mixed veggies. Mochi for dessert.

Swapped out the old micro-BP meds with the new normal-sized ones.

Watched PTI and the news. Took meds.

Plans for tomorrow:
A little early up
Pick up Middle sister @ her hotel & bring her to The Hole
Take her to the company store
Maybe take her to the lake
Fake it from there.

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