Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Bring A Sister To Work Day

Up on time, packed a picnic-able lunch and picked up sister at her hotel. Took her to the break room where we both foraged. She is on a strict bariatric diet, but found some pistachios and baby soft cheese rounds. She brought her own drink but also grabbed bottled water.

To the Hole, where we chatted as I bored her with not having any work to do. So I took inventory and created a spreadsheet for Boss. Discovered an "O" STB.

Walked to the "merchandise store" which has undergone a massive remodel, removing all the good clothing. Sis managed to buy a pair of branded fridge clips, and even those were a stretch.

Drove us out Shoreline park where we sat on a bench overlooking the lake, having lunch, and being amused by a bunch of girls taking a class in kayaking and then canoing. There was much screaming as kayaks found the bank instead of the open water.

Canada goose babies, arctic terns, mallards, mud hens, seagulls (but it's by the bay so bay gulls).

After lunch we walked up the hill to see the bay.

Back to the hole, messaged Boss about the O machine, she asked me to run one of the automated tests, and mentioned a test name which I could not find anywhere. Tried to run the whole 4-hour test but it choked after a few minutes, so I ran modules one at a time. Did not see anything remotely like what she had asked for.

5:30, it was running a multi-video clip module.

Drove sis back to her hotel, though I offered to bring her to my place for a bit if she wanted.

Delivered was a 6-pack of 82% chocolate and a 3-pack of litterbox cartridges.

Spot met me at the door, Spook was back on her piano room perch. I opened up the guest room just in case she wants to sleep on the futon. If she hides under it I'll close it up again.

Watched PTI and an expert panel critiquing and explaining the 49ers' draft picks. FFed through the news, because it was mostly follow-ups & weather.

Dinner was shrimp & cheese omelet on rye bread & chocolate ice cream with honey & walnuts.

Plans for tomorrow:
(sis is going to the city to visit old co-workers & the Cal Academy of Science)

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